30 Mar 2011
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Suggest restaurants in Changzhou for others to try.


Bonus if you can provide an address or directions via BRT

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2012/04/24 18:18
SUN PALACE 5* HOTEL  -  Xichang (Sichuan Province)

Dear Netizens,

As General Manager of the 5* SUN PALACE HOTEL, I am glad to introduce to you some of the current available positions.

SUN PALACE HOTEL is the first 5* hotel to open in Xichang. Its “pre-opening” is planned for 15th july 2012.

As a consequence we are currently in busy recruitment phase.

Depending on your experience, we have many different positions available, please check beneath:

HR Department
Director of Human Resources

Finance Department
Finance Manager - Credit Manager - Cashiers (16) - Costing Supervisor - Costing Controller

Engineering Department
Engineers (5)

Sales Marketing Department
Director of Sales & Marketing - Senior Sales Manager – Artist - Sales executive (2)

Front Office
Front Office Manager - Assistant Font Office Manager

Executive Lounge
Executive Lounge Supervisor

Chief Concierge

House Keeping
Executive Housekeeper

Laundry Manager

Security Manager

Banquet Manager - Banquet Assistant Manager - Banquet Supervisor

Chinese Restaurant
Chinese Restaurant Manager - Chinese Restaurant Assistant Manager - Chinese Restaurant Supervisor
Waiters (15) - Chefs (28)

Western Restaurant
Western Restaurant Manager - Western Restaurant Assistant Manager - Western Restaurant Supervisor
Waiters (23) - Chefs (24)

Lobby Bar
Lobby Captain

Beverage Manager - Beverage Supervisor - Bartenders (10)

Recreation Supervisor

Chef (6) - Supervisor

Please do not hesitate to contact me directly, (sseclet@gmail.com) I will then transfer the suitable applications to the Human Resource Department which will contact you for further information and interview as soon as possible. Please send Resume and Letter of Application for your selected position ( in Chinese or English depending on the position)

Also I wish to mention that this is a great opportunity for motivated candidates as MU Management in Beijing has already other luxury hotels projects on hand in different cities in China for the next coming year. Grab your chance !

Looking forward to welcome you in my team !

Best Regards,

Stephane Seclet 司徒达祺                                
General Manager总经理
Sun Palace Hotel美丽阳光酒店
F: (86) 0834 3333222
No.36 South Section 2 Shengli Road Xichang Sichuan China. 西昌市胜利南路二段三十六号
www.sunpalacehotels.com (website under construction)

2012/03/22 09:10
JOB OPPORTUNITY in EUROPE CLUB. WAITRESS and COOKS !!Please contact Gaetano on my behalf for interview. 13 656 11 26 13 / Email: gaetano.tir@hotmail.de

2012/02/13 23:08
JOB OPPORTUNITY in WESTERN RESTAURANT "EUROPE CLUB" located 21 You Dian Lu in Changzhou.Waitress.English needed.Working time: 17:00 - 00:00. 3 days off / month. Starting salary: 2.500 rmb/month. Please contact Gaetano on my behalf for interview. 13 656 11 26 13 / Email: gaetano.tir@hotmail.de  2 positions available. HURRY UP ! This used to be my own restaurant bar before, nice opportunity for an interesting job in close contact to MANY foreigners from ALL OVER the WORLD ;

2011/09/13 18:30
Jolly's Restaurant/Bar

Cosy cross-over interior design, Serving Classic Continental Cuisine with morden touch, Specializing wine and cocktail. Foreign musicians live performance every night. We give you a very "IN" experience.

Signature cuisine:
Jolly's signature Cajun Chicken Fennel Salad.
Buffalo mozzarella with tomato
Beef Carpaccio with arugala leaves and parmesan cheese.
Jolly's signature T-bone steak with Hennessy sauce.
German Style pork knuckle with sauerkraut
Pork chop roll with bacon and cheese.

Signature Cocktail:
Grand Cosmopolitan
Belvedere pear and rosemary
Lychee martini
Watermelon and basil martini
Classic Whiskey Sour..

Address: 3F,  No.338-2, Hanjiang Road (Near CND Starbucks, At the corner of the CND Park & Tianan Guarden)
Tel: 0519-81185177   13813679993 (English)

2011/06/18 19:19

Would you love a great grilled steak - I mean, a real thick authentically cut baby.

It's in the Yangcheng / Wild Animal Park area. Down the street under the 2 giant dragons at the entrance. My friends in the Wujin District are doing hand stands over this place, and for good reason.

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