30 Mar 2011
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Suggest restaurants in Changzhou for others to try.


Bonus if you can provide an address or directions via BRT

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2014/09/14 20:21
I love eating very hot food and I dislike sweet food.  Is anyone know which restaurant divide very hot food? I would like to try with friends.
Dylan Chen说:
2014/03/24 07:33
I think I need most is mobile and basketball, because the mobile phone can contact classmate to come over to play, basketball is beneficial to promote the tacit understanding between the students
Bella 13说:
2013/11/09 21:18
i want to a good one  not expensive
2013/06/22 09:39
what´s your latest recommendations  for  "beergarden"; restaurant, eatery with tables/chairs outdoor? currently i only know "Blue Marlin" in Xinbei.
2013/06/21 09:01
does anyone know where to eat dog, snake, insects? (not for me, i dislike all of these food, but for a chinese friend of mine).
2013/06/18 14:44
@zel: when you are in Wujin then Jaegerwirt is definitely for you. It has a pool table, life music, bar and they serve excellent food. Changzhou, Wujin, xin cheng shang jie a qu 303 (near by Tv Tower) or see  http://www.changzhounetwork.com/644164 for more info ...
2012/11/21 09:10
Restaurants should put HERE if they serve Thanksgiving dinner! Then it is always known.

2012/06/07 10:32
Tks for the info germanlion :)Which one's better? Paulaner is from the chain?Actually I'm in Wujin district so I need to prospect a bit! So far i just found an Ajisen & a Xinjiang restaurant.Also do u know if there's a pub in town? With a pool table, sports on tv, good beers & burgers? I went to Summer but the ambiance is kinda weird...

2012/06/07 08:17
@zel, if you like german beer and german food you could try "Paulaner" in Xinbei-district or "Jaegerwirt" in Wujin-district.
2012/06/07 06:57
Hi everyone!I'm new here and got a lot of free time on my hands :)Do you know any nice restaurants that worth a try? I'm going to Sheraton Xinbei this weekend, hope there's a brunch...Tks & see you around :)

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