30 Mar 2011
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Suggest restaurants in Changzhou for others to try.


Bonus if you can provide an address or directions via BRT

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2016/12/26 19:38
The first purpose is different,For students,the purpose is to acquire knowledge and get good grades.For work is to complete a job .The second is the need of different skills.Students need  is a good memory. but workersneedmore skills .The third is the difference between the working methods.Student is a person's independent behavior.Need is unity and work .
2016/12/26 19:28
If there is no the citizens' sense of responsibility ,citizens have litter,disorderly spit.Our society will become not beautiful .People will jump the queue.The world will become messy.People will be fed up to those who beg and even walk around .Standing on the side watching someone fall on the road.See roadside ad health shop ,disregard.This is the society without the citizens' sense of responsibility .
2016/12/26 19:17
Self-discipline is the law-abiding.Self-discipline is in no one supervision,through constraints themselves,become passive to cative ,consciously abide by the statues,take him to discipline yourself in word and deed.Self-discipline is not allow yourself to be chained to a lot of rules and regulations to but with discipline action to create a well-regulated order for our life to learn for more freedom.
2016/12/26 19:07
Whenever the chinese national day holiday ,each institution will hang lanterns or bannners,with slogan such as celebrating the National Day to celebrate .The square is put signs of bonsai and helium balloons ,welcomeNational Day with the atmosphere of joy .National Day is a hoilday for us .give us seven days off .This is our most happy .
2016/12/26 18:58
In the aspect of parents,we shoule make good reading .Because their parents the most hope we success.We try not let parents worry.Don't compare to waste and care of our parents .A blessing to hei parents at the time of holiday.Do  something you can reach home .Such as washing the dishes.In the aspect of friends,more than one person say "hello",more personal communication.we canhelp others.
2016/12/26 18:42
FIRST:Don't peek at park dong three years dong poring,tirelessly after his study,although there is a garden ,but he devoted studying study,three years time no see one eye in the park ,dong is so absorbed in study knowledge,makes him a famous thinker in the western handynasty.
SECOND:Chen pingren insult bitter to read.GUPIN,Chen ping of the western han dynasty youthhas livedalone with his brother,for the sake of adhering to the father ,guangyao ,not producing,behind closed doors to reead ,but not by eldest sister-in-law ,in order to eliminate the contradiction of older siblings,face repeatedly humiliated .keep hair ,as the eldest sister-in-law regress ,finally unbearable ,ran away from home ,grizzled troubadour ,after being brother recover ,and rancor resistance brother sister-in-law.One old ,attracts thousands of free enlightening teaching ,after their graduation,for liu bang ,think of it.
2016/12/26 16:49
We must study hard in the school.Because we are students. In the usual ,we must save resources.When we leave the classroom ,we need to turn off the lights.As fae as possible when choosing transportation choice walking and biking .Close the tap after washing hands.This is the responsibility .
2016/12/26 16:30
hi ,my name is ruichaoping.My english name is emma. I am from changzhou.I am twenty-one years old.RUI is my family name.CHAO is more than others.PING is safe and peaceful .I like this name not only because of this ,but also this name is my grandfather .
Arrow Ni说:
2014/09/14 22:11
There are a lot of YingSi Noodles Restaurant in changzhou. The noodles in this resaurant are very delicious.
2014/09/14 21:53
Hello, MAMA LINDA, my English name called CMCC from Hefei, Anhui Province.

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