21 Jun 2008
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2019/05/13 11:00
“Ask not what your country can do for you; but what you can do for your country,” is a famous quote by John F. Kennedy. This quote makes me think of patriotism. In many societies, patriotism is a must-have value. It is seen as a quality that everyone tends to have. In politics, when one refers to patriotism, it is meant not to be discussed; referring to patriotism is referring to something good according to common sense. 
2019/05/12 20:39
As we know, patriotism refers to the deep love of our motherland. With patriotism,our society will develop better. In narrow sense,patriotism includes the confidence of our nation. With confidence,citizens will build the country better.

2019/05/12 20:28
Patriotism is a deep feeling, a deep attachment to the land and nation that a person grows. Patriotism is the core of the national spirit, it enhances social cohesion and requires people to put their love for the motherland into action and work hard for the benefit of the motherland and the people.
2019/05/12 20:24
Patriotism is important for society cause we all need a sense of national identity to feel combined with each other.When one part of our country facing difficulties,like the big earthquake in 2008,other parts of the country's people did their best to help them out of patriotism.So patriotism makes society become more united.
2019/05/12 19:44
Patriotism  is love for your country and loyalty to it.It will strengthen citizens' sense of belonging and respect for their country.Based on this positive patriotism,the society can hold all the people to create a better and stronger relationship .Everyone will try his best in that he hopes his country and his society will always be prosperous and strong.
2019/05/12 19:24
Patriotism is the glorious tradition of the Chinese nation, a great force for the advancement of Chinese society, a common spiritual pillar for the people of all ethnic groups, an important part of the main theme of socialist spiritual civilization construction, and a basic requirement for China to cultivate new talents.
2019/05/12 16:27
It's known to all, patriotism is one of the most significant merit for people in our country. Since ancient times, our Chinese people have alawys sought national unity. And the belief never fade and show no sign of abating until now. The patriotism is a kind of nation will and strengthen social cohesion, security, and stability.
2019/05/12 13:53
Patriotism means the love of our country and the willingness to defend it.With this,citizens will have a sense of belonging,they will be proud of their country,they will support their country and contribute to their society.Everybody in the society will be willing to do something for the society,then the society will be closely connected.
2019/05/12 12:11
Patriotism can enhance our sense of national identity, make the society more harmonious and cohesion of social forces. In a word, patriotism plays an important role in social stability and development.
2019/05/12 11:55
Patriotism is a necessary quality for everyone.Patriotism can strengthen the cohesion of a nation.For example,nowadays,our society often has the spectator phenomenon.Love the country firstly we should love each other.If we love each other,the spectator phenomenon will be reduced.Then our society will be more United and stronger.Patriotism strength ourselves first and then strengthen our society.
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