21 Jun 2008
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2019/05/14 16:11
To publicize the thought of patriotism in the society, strengthen the education of the people, spread the spirit of patriotism, reward those who have the courage to make contributions to the society and the country, give rewards and encouragement openly, and improve the enthusiasm of the people.
2019/05/13 21:03
Patriotism forms the atmosphere where everyone loves his own country and makes effort to bettering it. Long time ago, it was patriotism that saved our country and brought it to a new society. We cannot srand others look down on or doubt our society, so we will work hard and build a stronger society. many developments and achievements came out when the patriotism was on its top function during last century. And of course, patriotism will push our society into a prosperous future.
2019/05/13 20:14
Patriotism is a necessary quality of every citizen. And it is well-known that the society is made up of citizens. Only when every citizen is patriotic, even if the life trajectory is completely different, people will blend together, and then a sense of  common honor, and then will make our society more beautiful and harmonious because we have the same aim: love our country and hope she can become better and better.
2019/05/13 20:02
As the basic spirit in every human beings' heart,patriotism plays an important role in strengthening our society. When we began to go to school,we learned the patriotism everyday. Study the history,sing the ntional song and watch the patriotic movies,and etc. Day by day,people in society form the similar honor and pride to our country. And that will strengthen the cohension between each other. What's more,the patriotism is also like an alarm,reminding us our responsibility and powerful and rich dream. Last but not least,the more strong our patriotism is,the more strong China strength will be!
2019/05/13 19:39
Patriotism enables us to rise up against adversity, resist aggression, defend sovereignty, safeguard independence and seek liberation. It makes us indomitable in the road to save the nation. Patriotism makes our society more peaceful and makes our society develop better.
echo pcy说:
2019/05/13 19:26
China is a great nation. We should be proud to be Chinese .Each of us ought to have a patriotic heart, because patriotism is very important. First, patriotic education helps us have a better understanding of our history and politics. Second, it promotes us realizing our responsibilities. We are hopes of our country and we are promises of our families. Third, it let us have confidence in ourselves and understand the importance of ourselves. And the most important is that patriotic education provides us youth a good motivation for studying .In other words, it makes us study harder and happier.
2019/05/13 18:54
Patriotism means the love of country and the willingness to sacrifice for it .Nowadays,the patriotic education is carried out and patriotism strengthens the society by carrying out more patriotic education.What is known to us all is that patriotism is very important to the society.Everyone should keep it.
2019/05/13 18:42
Patriotism should be spontaneous from the basic concept of interests and conscience, it seems to dissolve in people's blood and can not be fundamentally removed. We are supposed to transform the spirit of patriotism into the lofty ideal of concerning about people as well as practical action of serving people, which is conducive to build a prosperous, democratic, culturally advanced and harmonious socialist society.
2019/05/13 18:41
From my perspective,respect is usually shown in many respects.Respect, is faced with a sincere smile.Respect,is published in others' different opinions when listening.Respect is a great wisdom.All men need to respect others and be respected.
Fanny tang说:
2019/05/13 18:31
Patriotism is the glorious tradition of the Chinese nation, a great force for the advancement of Chinese society, a common spiritual pillar for the people of all ethnic groups, an important part of the main theme of socialist spiritual civilization construction, and a basic requirement for China to cultivate new talents.
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