21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/14 22:23
Society is progressing, times are changing and people's living standards are improving. As citizens of a modern society, we must speak etiquette, have high quality to cross the threshold of the new century, become a qualified new era citizens.
2019/05/14 22:21
Abraham Lincoln came from humble beginnings, but he was kind, fair, and honest. When he was 21, he worked as a clerk in a store owned by a friend. One day an old woman came to buy the cloth and paid twelve cents more than Lincoln had noticed. When he checked out and found that he had overcharged, he walked six miles that night and returned the overcharge to the old woman. The people in the neighborhood respected and loved the young man and affectionately called him "honest Lincoln. Because of this honest attitude, Lincoln became one of the most famous American presidents.
2019/05/14 22:19
Success in the beginning is a choice, and the choice is the need for courage, is the courage to give up -- give up the existing things, give up the existing habits. In the process of achieving our goals, we need the courage to admit our mistakes, bear our failures and overcome our difficulties.
2019/05/14 22:17
Social equity should recognize the principle of difference, which is the difference in the results of distribution acceptable to the public, and the difference in income and property distribution. Fairness does not mean egalitarianism. By carrying out reform and opening up and developing the market economy, China has broken the old egalitarian model of distribution and promoted social developmentThe development of the productive forces has been widely recognized by the whole public and the whole society.
2019/05/14 22:14
First of all, you should face up to the people you interact with, respect each other's privacy, refuse to be self-centered, refuse to ask for everything on their own, can listen to each other's opinions and Suggestions
2019/05/14 22:11
What we are doing now, just like what we did in the war years, requires young people to devote their own actions and youth like fire to the modernization of the motherland and benefit the people with our knowledge. This is what we will do in the new era and this is the glorious mission history has entrusted to our young people.
2019/05/14 20:40
Patriotism means the love for one's country. It encompasses rationality, calmness, consciousness and self-devotion. It is not an excuse for ferocity or violence, it is a cause which all of us shall purse and persist. Patriotism makes one ready to sacrifice one's life for one's country, it makes a country strong and her history glorious and it also improves a man's character.
2019/05/14 19:48
Patriotism is the most powerful bond that binds the hearts of all of Chinese citizens together.As a qualified citizen,we should bear in mind that we ought to be loyal and honor to our country.If everyone can be grateful to our country and try their best to do their part to make our country better,there is a more harmonious society for everyone to pursuit their dreams.
2019/05/14 17:58
History shows that patriotism is flowing in the blood of the Chinese nation since ancient times, go out, didn't break, don't destroy,it is the Chinese people and the Chinese nation strong spiritual motive of safeguarding national independence and national dignity, as long as hold high the great banner of patriotism, the Chinese people and the reconstruction of the Chinese nation will be in China, the struggle of the world history of avalanche great power!
2019/05/14 16:34
Patriotism is important to the society and the whole country. When there appears some disaster or some war, people with patriotism with fight for their country whatever it will take. Only when the country's people have patriotism can make a country, if not, the country would break up. In a word, patriotism can gather people together to develop the country and face difficulty together. There is more possibility to make the country strong.
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