21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/15 21:39
Accountability means you are required or expected to give an explanation for one's actions, etc. You know in a society, no one can exist alone. Your actions must have impact on others and the environment and these impacts may are good. So you should think about your actions.    Accountability is vital in our society. It is accountability that makes our society more steady and more harmonious. If people are not accountable for their actions, the world will be in a mess. The streets are full of rubbish because people don't care about their littering. The hospital will be full of smell of cigarettes because people don't feel shame for their smoking.    All in all, accountability is the foundation of our society.
2019/05/15 13:46
Patriotism reflects the cohesion of a country.Patriotism is the quality that every citizen should have. If everyone in a society has patriotism, they will contribute more to their countries.  The society will become more harmonious, and  develop more rapidly. People's life will be better and better.Home is a small country. Only if we have our own country in our hearts,  our country will become more prosperous and strong.
2019/05/15 10:17
Patriotism means you love you country and can devote yourself to makeing it better.With patriotism,soldier are willing to take part in the war.Students are more active to study and teachers try thier best to teach students.
Mary is smart说:
2019/05/15 09:49
Accountability is very vital in today's society. Because everyone is the part of the whole strong modern society which can not operate very well without people's Accountability. To some extent, accountability is just like the king of people's emotions, it can help the body work efficiently and avoid extraordinary damage through the work that needs the accountability.

2019/05/15 08:54
Patriotism makes young people more willing to serve their country,more people know the importance of giving.More and more patriotic people are willing to devote themselves to scientific research For the scientific research of the motherland,this may make China more strong.
2019/05/14 22:32
PatriotismPatriotism is a spirit all of perceptive people should advocate in that it is the country that give peace to us.Through our life, homeland is where we are born, raised and educated to be an independent people. It deserves our love.Although it is a spiritual concept, it is more reflected in our behavior of sacrifice for country and its people than just think it as a slogan.We need it to repay what we get from our country and simultaneously our country need us to fulfill its prosperity.
2019/05/14 22:32
IntegrityAs the saying goes" In me the tiger sniffs the rose." We all have the great side of integrity, but it is reflected diferently on different people.Someone perform like a fogy, preferring to stick to every existing truth while others would rather carry out it with the contemporary values, but however it is performed, people with integrity will make impresssing decisions when facing significant problems.I mean that integrity is inherent in the minds of all of us and what we should put on the agenda is to explore and practice it.
2019/05/14 22:31
RespectTo be honest, everyone needs respect from others which can not only give them confidence, but make us know the outisde world needs you. From my perspective, the respect is much more vital for those who is in a depression because at that moment his self-value is constantly denied by himself and the outside   world would not sustain to give kindness to people constant complaining it. To the people in good moods, respect is adding brilliance to one's present splendor,but to those people in low spirit, it will be a blessing given by a angle. Under such circumstance, respect means some people in this world still remember and endorse you. You are not forgetten and you are not nobody. It can sow a seed for resurgence in you mind and thus call forth your belief. It is of great significance to notice that to help others, whether it is for the saying that give to get or for the happiness of our compatriots.
2019/05/14 22:30
FairnessFairness is an essential component of the world, which originates from morality and reflects in many other aspects.Everyone would be encountered with unfairness in daily life such as the seller would give his friends a discount while charge you more. It almost always varies in mind first and has its conference. That means it is a subjective concept one conclude by compare two or more actions. It is vital to balance the country, the society, the community and even a small group. It reflect the spirit of "everyone is equal" in Buddhism. Many great people manage to bring it to our world, and it is    also what we should keep in mind.
2019/05/14 22:28
The focus, inner control and delayed gratification demonstrated by self-discipline are important qualities that a person with higher achievement needs to possess, and the self-discipline ability in childhood will directly affect the self-discipline in adulthood.
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