21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/17 09:30
Accountability means someone can take responsible for his duty. We can imagine that if people of different professions take little care about his job, the social production efficiency will be weak absolutely. For instance, if policemen cannot perform their duties, the crime rate will increase, and it will be very hard to maintain the social harmony. Generally speaking, accountability is very vital to society.
2019/05/17 08:58
We all live in society, no one can survive and develop without being out of society, and it is even more impossible to achieve any cause.  Society is a whole, people play different roles in social life and bear different responsibilities. Social accountability  enables us to make more contributions to society and to others.So we are supposed to be accountable.
2019/05/16 21:26
The sense of responsibility is the mark that measures social morality level. The more responsible people there are, the more progress there will be. If there are fewer responsible people, society will go backward. Today, it is often said that the moral decline of our society, so the defense of civilization, to re-shore up the pillars of morality, is the historical responsibility given to us by The Times.
2019/05/16 20:29
Acountability means the obiligation and responsibility. This is one of the people social survival rulers. Posessing this essential diathesis,people will be responsible for their every actions. As to its importantance in society,that may be so many. For example,if the social people lack of the awareness of accountability,the community will be in a mess,without discipline,without regulation. And also, people's usual life will be influenced into chaos. More seriously,it will damage the economic and cultural ecology. So,it's obvious that accountability is very vital.
2019/05/16 19:35
In ethics and governance, accountability is answerability, blameworthiness, liability, and the expectation of account-giving. As an aspect of governance, it has been central to discussions related to problems in the public sector, nonprofit and private (corporate) worlds. In our society, accountability is the acknowledgment and assumption of responsibility for actions.
2019/05/16 19:08
Accountability means one have the duty on doing something.It can regulate people's behavioral conduct which is benefit to create a harmonious and stable society.Because of accountability,more and more people can be guaranteed.They chose to trust others and others are willing to help them by their efforts.
2019/05/16 19:06
Accountability means you should be responsible for your decisions or actions and expected to explain them when your are asked.Each society needs accountability cause it represents a person's quality,responsibility.Only when you have this,you will have those who really care about you and everybody will care about others,then the society will become better.
Fanny tang说:
2019/05/16 18:31
People's life is to take responsibility, responsibility is to pay, also lose self. Having the courage to take responsibility is the so-called value of life. The responsible are trusted and applauded, and rewarded accordingly.
2019/05/16 12:37
For me, I feel responsible is the good quality everyone should have.  Everyone should be responsible not only for themselves, but also for their actions, and they should also be responsible for their parents, their families, their social responsibility, and their responsibility to the country.  If everyone can do it, the whole society will be harmonious, stable and harmonious.
2019/05/16 12:10
Patriotism refers to the positive and supportive attitude of an individual or a collective towards the motherland. It is one of the civic morality that an individual should have. It is the ideology and feelings of loyalty and love for the motherland formed historically.
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