21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/05/22 14:26
Being accountable for something is being responsible for your desicions and actions and being expected to explain them. Without accountability, there can be no respect, no trust, no law and, ultimately, no society. Therefore, there always exists accountability to families, friends, teachers and strangers for everybody. Every citizen who fails to fulfill his statutory duties and obligations are supposed to bear the legal consequences.
Mary is smart说:
2019/05/22 09:41
If we are not proactive, we may meet many problems in our daily life. For example, if you are student, you may lose some opportunities without enough proactive. We may meet some different people in our life everyday. If we are not proactive, how can we make friends with other kind and excellent people or can we be the part of the modern society? Be more proactive, I believe life will be little different if everyone can do like this.

2019/05/22 07:29
Accountability is vital in any society because every citizen should have a sense of responsibility.With a sense of accountability, everyone will do their own work accordingly. In this way, social efficiency will continue to improve and the country will become stronger and stronger.
2019/05/22 07:19
Every human being should be accountable for their actions(good and bad).Accountability helps maintain the harmony and order of the society.It helps people direct the way of moral.Everyone should understand the significance of accountability,and more importantly,learn to be accountable.
2019/05/21 21:48
Accountability means being responsible for what you have done and what you have said. It makes people in good way and make people have the conscience to obey the law. Without accountability, nobody will pay for what he has done. Finally, the society would be in a mess. So it also has the function to maintain the peace of society. In my opinion, accountability is important.
2019/05/21 19:16
Each of us plays some roles such as son, student, teacher and so on and occupies some places in the society. If society is wanted to be stable and harmonious, everyone must play their part and perform their duties. Only in this way can society like a machine run well.
2019/05/21 19:13
The development of every country can’t be fast without the efforts of everyone who lives in. Patriotism bound everyone together to do the same thing, which can make the country stronger and better. With patriotism, people feel like living in a family, which promote the action of helping each other. The society will be solidarity with patriotism.
2019/05/20 19:20
The accountability is a term to describe when something went to wrong, who is the one we should blame. So if no one comes forward to take his accountability, the whole society will be a mess. People shirk their accountability and become selfish. The society will become disorderly and disharmonious. That's why accountability is so important to any society.
2019/05/20 15:43
Accounting is vital because is a gauge that gives an indication of how well the economy is growing, the areas that need improvement and the areas that need to be improved.
2019/05/20 14:29
In our life, the significance of accountability can't be ignored. Accountability is important to our success. A host of facts have proved that lack of accountability is a critical factor leading to the failure of us, which makes it hard for people to take his accountability for his home or society.That's why accountability should be highlighted.Learning to take accountability is the first step towards success.
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