4 Apr 2019


More than a half decade ago, in a story I took my family of Netizens to see the historic cultural gem of Changzhou – Qing Guo Alley. Filled with history and colorful people it was an amazing trip.

Our city believes that it’s important to honor celebrate and preserve those people and places who help contribute to the identity of the Dragon City.


This beautiful area has been renovated to withstand the test of time, and I will be going on their Opening Day to bring you along to their Grand Opening ceremony.


Here is the story from years ago “A Tiny Bit of Heaven in Qing Guo Alley.” http://atlanta.zhong5.cn/read.php?80659





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2019/04/12 21:21
The Chinese famous litterateur Lu Xun  once have  said that "A really hero is who can confront the difficulties  and  the sadness."That's true ,we all need the courage to face the difficulties in the life.Maybe actually  we recognized that a person who is always shy and frail is really lack of courage.That person should to battle with his or her timidity so that his or her dream can transformed reality  more possible.And I think if  we become more courageous,   we will grow  more powerful.
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