17 Dec 2018


On the afternoon of Dec.16th, the last wonderful event of 2018 “I love Changzhou” Expats Salon was held at Modern Mass Media Center, the tallest building in Changzhou. The theme of this event is “Enjoy the bird’s eye view of CZ on its tallest building, experiencing news anchor and greet Christmas”.



Some 40 foreign friends from all walks of life in Changzhou visited the news studio in which i have been working for over 16 years and experienced working as a news anchor.


At the 52 Sky restaurant in the tallest building of Changzhou, foreign friends enjoyed the incredible view of the city and impressed by the rapid development of the Dragon City in recent years.


The I love Changzhou Expat Salon is sponsored by Changzhou Municipal Publicity Department and Changzhou Bureau of Commerce as well as Changzhou TV Station.


Our goal is to create a platform for the foreign citizens in Changzhou to know more about the culture and to feel like part of the city itself. We hold 4 or 5 events each year. So we are opening our arms for you to invite more expat friends to join upcoming events. We cherish your friendship and realize that you contribute to the richness of our city.


Christmas is coming and i know a lot of netizens are out of the town. Here I wish everybody Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


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2018/12/27 10:58
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year everyone!

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