27 Jun 2018
Happy Summer
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Summer is here and as the city heats up I know many foreign friends are scattering to all corners of the planet. It has been a record year for Changzhou as it hosted hundreds of foreign students. This number is expected to increase as schools open their doors to nations never before having entered China.

It has been a wonderful business year so far in the Dragon City as progress toward greater heights envelopes every facet of city life.

I want to wish all of you the happiest of summer vacations and safe travels to all who are in route elsewhere.

I look forward to hearing your stories of adventure and family reunions.

New enterprises are cropping up and I look forward to introducing them to you.


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2018/07/08 08:53
HaHa...ProfL..."welcome to Jiangsu's ""Summer"""....that's why we installed  german central-AC at our apt's and villa...was partly "mafan" to get it right but me as a tech-engineer and with the support of my chinese great "wife" it works perfect powered by solar- and e-power
2018/07/03 13:28
This is my first summer in Changzhou....WOW....it's kinda hot and humid beyond what I had imagined!

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