29 Apr 2018
According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China and sanctioned by the State Council, the Ministry of Public Security announced on January 29th, 2017, that foreign visitors aged 14 to 70 are required to take fingerprint scans at all ports of entry. Holders of diplomatic passports and beneficiaries of reciprocal arrangements are exempt from this requirement.
First, let's watch a video on how to self register one's fingerprints at PVG.


A graphic guide to fingerprint scanning


1、Where to have your fingerprints scanned

Shanghai immigration inspection authority has designated special areas for fingerprint scanning kiosks at Pudong International Airport Terminal.


Upon your arrival, follow signs to those kiosks.


2、How to use the fingerprint scanning kiosks

Step 1

Press ‘Start’ button and enter the passport info-rmation page. Place your passport’s information page on the scanner.





Step 2

Enter the fingerprint scanning page. Scan your fingerprints in the following order:four left hand fingers--four right hand fingers--two thumbs.


Scan order




Step 3

Take the receipt automatically print-ed upon completion of scanning.



Step 4


Proceed to the waiting area for border control clearance. Present the receipt to the inspector for biometric information verification.

If you have scanned your 10 fingerprints before, or if you are younger than 14 or older than 70, you will get the receipt as soon as you scan your passport.



3、Those who are exempt from fingerprint scanning are:

Those who are exempt from fingerprint scanning are:
(1) Holders of diplomatic passports, European Union Laissez-Passers, and Chinese diplomatic or courtesy visas;

(2) Citizens of countries having bilateral agreements or reciprocal arrangements with China;

(3) Foreign government officials of vice-minister level or above and their delegation members who are granted pre-arrival clearance by the Ministry of Public Security;

(4) Foreign visitors with deformed (or missing) fingers who can not complete the fingerprint scanning process;

(5) Foreign flight and train crew members, seamen, and passenger and cargo vehicle drivers, who arrive with the transport vehicles they serve on;

(6) Foreign visitors who have previously registered their fingerprint information, facial images or other biometric information, or those who have previously recorded personal information on fingerprint scanning kiosks;

(7) Foreign visitors in direct transit and not leaving the restricted areas;

(8) Foreign cruise passengers who exit China on board the same ship they arrive;

(9) Foreign visitors exempted by the Ministry of Public Security.

Hope our introduction  will be of help to you!

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2018/05/02 15:26
Reminder -- Fingerprints Collection for Foreigners Entering the P.R.C.According to the Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China, upon approval by the State Council, the Ministry of Public Security decides to collect and keep the fingerprints of foreigners aged between 14 (include) and 70 (include) years who enter China through Changzhou Airport since April 28th 2018. Foreigners are exempted from providing fingerprints if they are traveling on diplomatic passports or whose countries have reciprocal arrangement, etc.Foreigners shall not be allowed to enter the People’s Republic of China if they refuse to provide samples of their fingerprints according to Article 25 of Exit and Entry Administration Law of the People’s Republic of China.When providing fingerprints please ensure your fingers are clean and if there are any issues with providing fingerprints samples please advise Immigration Inspection Offices.            Changzhou Airport Immigration Inspection Station            April 28th, 2018

2018/05/02 13:55
PVG= Shanghai Pudong International Airport (smile)

2018/05/02 02:26
"PVG"  i landed and departed there countless times...but do we all know what "PVG" means?...giggle
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