28 Feb 2018

On February 27th, the CPC Jiangsu Party Committee announced that Party Secretary Fei Gaoyun had been elected Vice Governor of Jiangsu Province. His replacement will be the former Mayor of Wuxi, Mr. Wang Quan.
At the formal announcement meeting newly elected Vice Governor Fei spoke graciously about the past 5 years of his position in the Dragon City. And he has promised his continued support for Changzhou in the future.

Mr. Wang Quan expressed his sincere promise to apply every effort in behalf of all the citizens of Changzhou in carrying the torch of innovation, beauty and prosperity!

Party Secretary Wang Quan’s background:

·       Birth: July 1960 – Nationality: Han
·       Hometown: Yi County, Anhui Province
·       Education: Post-Graduate, Doctoral degree, Senior Economist
·       Professional Experience: Joined CPC in 1988,


-Several positions in People’s Bank of China, Jiangsu, Suzhou, Nanjing Branches

-Vice Secretary General of Jiangsu Provincial Government. Director of Finance Dept. Jiangsu Provincial Govt.

-Vice Party Secretary of Wuxi

-Mayor of Wuxi

CONGRATULATIONS Vice Governor Fei and WELCOME Party Secretary Wang! We look forward to working together with you in bringing a brighter future for the Dragon City!

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2018/03/04 03:10
I lived and worked 10+ years in CZ as CTO...none of them greeted me or my chinese family...so what..sorry..THIS "topic" is USELESS...cheers with a BAJIU
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