9 Feb 2018


As the traditional Chinese New Year approaches, supermarkets are loaded and people seem busier than usual. All of us are preparing for family get-togethers!

I know that many of our netizen family have already exited the city. And my own family is about to leave for a holiday in Thailand.
So, before I leave I just wanted to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year [YEAR OF THE DOG]. May you all have love, good health, prosperity and happiness in the upcoming year.
Please don’t forget to share your holiday adventures! I love hearing about how you celebrate!
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2018/02/14 00:34
what happens to this blog

no postings anymore

2018/02/11 11:02
@germanlion:You are sharing your wonderful life with your wife,man.Maybe you can go on a vacation abroad as well,many people choose to visit Southeast Asia or Europe during Spering Festival holiday.

2018/02/10 03:39
I was 16 times in CN during CNY...ALWAYS kept my b*tt at home...and so did my Jiangsu-wife   gigglegiggle
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