2 Feb 2018


Last night, I attended the farewell party of Jorgen Christensen, GM of Maco Polo Changzhou Grand Hotel. He has lived and worked in Changzhou for 3 years and he said when I interviewed him last year that wherever i go in the future, Changzhou will last forever in my memories forever. He also expressed his best wishes to our netizens in the blog good health and Happy Chinese New Year!


Visits to my blog surpassed 10 million last month and the netizens in Changzhou during the past 10 years have come and gone but their messages and greetings are still shared no matter where they are.



That’s also one of the reasons which has motivated me to consistently maintain the blog. For those who are still in the Dragon City, this online community is their spiritual garden and for those who have already left the city, my blog still keeps their great memories from their life in the Dragon City of China.



Some say life is composed of many beautiful memories, and I hope you can find one of yours in this community.

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2018/02/06 15:16
@germanlion  The General Manager of Niccolo Changsha Hotel. A 5-star hotel in Changsha city, capital of Hunan Province in south China.

2018/02/06 03:36
where and as what is his next job/occupation
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