30 Sep 2017

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echo pcy说:
2019/03/20 16:46
My mother taught me to care about others whether familiar or unfamiliar when l was young.Thus,people should be educated to be reserved from an early age.However,some tend to conceal their genuine emotions,feeling awkward when expressing love in words.
Dagging Away说:
2017/11/23 09:22
Very wise for the city to recognize this great platform!

2017/10/11 11:44
Smart city that recognizes the importance of this kind of platform! Congratulations Wang Jian.

Sandra Gonzalez说:
2017/10/09 14:21
Great presentation!

Dagging Away说:
2017/10/09 10:40
Excellent! Well done Atlanta!

2017/10/07 15:35
Such an amazing documentary! Proud of you Atlanta!

2017/10/04 13:07
Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!

2017/09/30 13:51
Fantastic Movie!!!!!

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