29 Jun 2012

When I got a call from someone who identified himself as the Director of Qing Guo Preservation Association, I knew this might be something interesting for those of us who LOVE that very special place in Changzhou.



Mr. Pan told me about his friend Mr. Zhang who is the fourth generation to live in one of the tiny houses along the 1000 year old canal that runs through Qing Guo Alley. He described Mr. Zhang as friendly and very lucky to have the oldest tree in Changzhou, right in his back porch.





Zhang has decided in order to help the preservation of Qing Guo Alley to open his home, serving fresh ground coffee (ordered from South America on the internet) and a peaceful environment.



While sipping your coffee you can enjoy a 500 year old conifer over looking a small fish pond, and beautifully accented with a man-sized stone structure.





Most of us have walked down Qing Guo Alley but now we have a place to stop and peek into the ancient world of a Changzhou almost lost to modernization.



Mr. Zhang is also an avid dancer and will provide you dance lessons under the stars and with the sweet aroma of his hidden heaven.At the doorway is a lovely green plant beckoning you to enter.It is well worth the delicious South American coffee (10 RMB)!


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2012/07/09 09:51
Welcome to Changzhou Russian friends. You will fall in love with the Dragon City.

2012/07/07 11:39
Welcome Russian Friends!!!I had no idea that China was a vacation destination for Russians.I wonder how you enjoy the food - it would seem very different than yours? You make me interested in visiting this location!How on earth do you manage the language difference - everyone must have google translator on their phones, right?

2012/07/07 11:32
How interesting to see visitors from Russia!Sanya must be a good place to escape the harsh weather of Russia.Glad to see you here!

2012/07/07 09:49
It is much raining in Sanya this day.In coffee shop we meet wonderful person from Changzhou Dragon City. 2 days she teach our son very good words of Engish. Make him think about important concept for good man to help society. Make him to be curious about other cultures.She to love your city to much. We try to make her to come to St Petersburg. Haha!We like this site to learn true way of your city offerings. But no beach like Sanya. Maybe we become friends to Atlanta and Changzhou people.

2012/07/07 09:32
Atlanta how is your summer going?Professor Linda is supposed to come and lecture but I see she's still in china - we always look forward to hearing about her life in Changzhou and the possibility of our coming there for business.We don't have her phone number and we'd like to confirm she's still coming.Could you get a message to her please? The leader of our program did not leave a way to contact her before she went on vacation.Thanks from California!

2012/07/06 07:04
It's so HOT these days!

2012/07/03 13:55
Welcome Annushka and Dmitri. Sanya must be very hot these days. We also welcome you to bring business to Changzhou.

2012/07/03 10:15
I and my family visit your site after to meet Professor who live in Changzhou.We like seeing it very much.Glad to make friends with you.

2012/07/03 09:22
Hello Changzhou we meet friend who lives to your city.Hello Atlanta and Mayor of city we like hearing about Dragon City.We come to Sanya every year to enjoy warm and beach. Beautiful here.Maybe we bring our business to Changzhou. Maybe you come to see Moscow.

2012/07/03 09:10
Anyone visiting NZ please let us know and we would be happy to give you travel tips.
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