6 Feb 2012



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2017/09/16 15:21
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2017/05/08 18:49
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2012/02/15 14:00
Even Australia is mourning for Whitney.

Her music is everywhere.

2012/02/12 11:39
Whitney was 48 and at the Beverly Hilton preparing for the Grammy's party.

It was 3:55p in her hotel room when she was pronounced dead, but they still haven't said cause of death.

My guess is her body was overwhelmed with her struggle with drugs too.

I think she went into rehab just last year.

I loved her voice - she will be missed.

2012/02/12 10:41
Anybody got more details on Whitney's death?
RIP Whitney.

2012/02/12 10:30
OMG! She was only 40 something, right?

What a loss! Must be drugs.

2012/02/12 10:17
Cool interview Elliott!

Have you guys heard that Whitney Houston died today?
RIP Whitney!

2012/02/11 14:28
Buon giorno Mr. Atlanta and Changzhou!
I like this interview very much.

2012/02/11 13:53
I am really glad to see a new industry, and one that will certainly make its mark come to Changzhou.
Elliott I hope you become a great success.
It will definitely bring a new dimension to the city.

Love the new logo Atlanta!

2012/02/11 12:57
Elliott you bring a fresh perspective to the Dragon City! And I hope you get all the help you need from city government guys.
You definitely will get the support from this group.
Glad to see you're not afraid to ask for assistance - that's important!
I think all of us are going to interested in watching your progress, so please check in when you can.

Atlanta the new logo is "smart" change!

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