19 Oct 2011



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2011/11/22 11:02
Hey Friends, Please join us for a sumptuous Thanksgiving Dinner Buffet on Nov 24th.
Roast Turkey, Pumpkin Soup, combine with our super selection of seafood, our traditional Thanksgiving Day Dinner Buffet will be served at Riviera Coffee Shop. The price is RMB 228/ per person net. Booking in advance are highly recommended.

Reservations: 8880 8888 - 28
2011/10/27 09:37
All varieties Sukie. And some delicious Chinese food.

2011/10/25 10:19
So is this buffet ONLY SEAFOOD at Howard Johnson?

2011/10/25 09:47
45 bills for 1 dinner???

Man, I can go play paintball for 2 days on that! And have pizza!

2011/10/25 09:28
Whoa Doggies!

A 45 dollar price tag for a dinner buffet? I hope you can drink anything and everything - as much as your tummy can hold ALL NIGHT!

2011/10/25 09:16
Atlanta you don't have many suggestions for good restaurants in your Restaurant section.

So I assume most are going to these big hotels to eat? Seems pretty expensive.

2011/10/25 08:39
Well Atlanta I didn't know you had a wee one! Happy Birthday HENRY!

HOJO I'm interested too in what you get for that 288. Can you give us an idea of your side dishes?

2011/10/25 08:21

288 is kinda of pricey. HoJo can you be more specific about what is offered on the menu please? Do you serve Grouper, Sturgeon or Monk fish?

Will you be serving a special Thanksgiving dinner buffet? If so can we please know the details?

2011/10/24 20:13
Howard Johnson Kaina plaza Changzhou,i heard it.it's a 5-star hotel.Atlanta,i really like the kind of exclusive interview.if i had chances,i would go to the hotel.

2011/10/24 13:32
Happy Monday Friends,

Since you really liked this interview, I will try to do more in the future.

Last Saturday we held my son Henry's 9th birthday celebration at the new Howard Johnson. It was a fantastic evening. We enjoyed the wonderful buffet and had yummy birthday cake. The atmosphere was warm and the food was delicious.

Try to stay dry on this rainy day.

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