18 Sep 2011

The Honor Guard Baton of the Mayor office has been passed again from now Party Secretary Fei Gaoyun to the new Changzhou MAYOR DING CHUN.

For more than 6 years the Mayor’s Mailbox has been a bridge which successfully connects the Municipal Government Offices with its foreign citizens, and readers worldwide. This innovative vehicle of communication has had more than a 1300 messages addressing vital Lifestyle challenges faced by foreigners on a daily basis.

No subject is too great or too small to discuss. Problems and issues concerning topics like getting Changzhou maps in English, Children’s Education, International Airport Shuttle Transportation and most recently Medical English in the hospitals have been raised as problems – and then SOLVED through the cooperative efforts of government departments and those citizens willing to interact online.

Our new globally aware Mayor Ding Chun welcomes ongoing comments, suggestions and ideas from all of you for the enhancement of our home called Dragon City!

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2019/08/13 17:07
Mister Mayor,Not sure whether these messages are read but let us see :)I spent 9 years in your great city, Changzhou. I am French. I used to manage Europe Club Restaurant and had a ock band in Changzhou called The SHARKS. I stayed there from 02/2006 to 05/2014.Meanwhile i did sometimes some modelling for some local companies, including a WINE SHOP which used my photo on a wine advertising. The deal was simple as the price he paid was very low: he was allowed to use my FACE, my image only ONE single time. I know thanks to some friends in Changzhou that he is STILL using my photo for advertising. This is CHEATING. I do know how much you care about foreigners experiences in your city and i am sure you will inquire and get this guy to pay me for the use of my image. I do not have the name but i have a photo of the advertising that i can provide by email of course. Thank you in advance. In France, in Europe or in USA this guy would be in BIG trouble. Steven

2017/09/25 13:55

2017/08/30 06:09
Hello Mr. Mayor and all those who help him make this city GREAT, like Mr. Du's team. As I came from airport I couldn't help but notice how clean and inviting the city is looking - you're doing  great job and this permanent citizen is proud to be part of this community. Love Professor Linda...XOXOXO

Dagging Away说:
2017/07/14 10:04
Congratulations Mayor Ding! Hope Mayor Ding can see this great efforts made by so many kind people!

2017/07/14 09:28
Best wishes to you Mr. Ding Chun! Hope to see you in this community.

2017/03/05 13:28
Congratulations. Hope we can see an interview with him Atlanta!
2017/02/28 17:20
Welcome Mayor Ding Chun!

Here's hoping that you are willing to have contact with the foreign community! Like Mr. Yao XiaoDong it would help to generate greater business interests and solidifies a legacy for you!

2017/02/23 12:36
Congratulations to our new Mayor DingChun!

This is truly a wonderful city and can only be made better by a leader who communicates openly with its citizens.

And Happy Belated Birthday to FAO leader Jibin! Your department continues to shine in the eyes of the foreign population.

2017/02/23 12:18
Dear Mayor Ding,

Having just heard this wonderful news - please allow me to extend a hearty welcome to you! We hope that you recognize the value added features that foreign businesses (educators and others) bring to Changzhou. And here's encouragement to let us get to know you!

2017/02/21 19:20
Congratulations Mayor DingChun,

As the US scrambles in chaos - NOW is the time for China to carry the flag of Globalization and dominate the world of business. There are still so many industries worldwide wanting to come to China - and the only way that can happen is in an environment of openness, transparency and a willingness to interact with others.

When we of foreign countries in business are happy and feel as if we know and trust the leaders of the city - we come enthusiastically - and we bring our friends!

Good Luck and great hope for the future Changzhou!

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