14 Jun 2011

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2017/07/20 11:53
July 13th U wrote " I work at a travel club, recently organizing a Xinjiang tour...." I want to join THIS tour, not "anyone".
2017/07/18 14:10
if you want to design yourself trip .you can serch "tripadvisor"and'travelzoo"and "agoda",you can reserve your air tickets  and hotels .i hope these can help you.
2017/07/17 12:15
ok, tkx, so that's no problem. Where ( www.... ) can I see all details reg. that trip, date, duration, price and so on.
2017/07/16 11:48
@germanlion (if just only you) you do not need any special  Documents  ,you should take your visa , but ,you konw , Xinjiang is a border province, some places you can not visit,you just can visit the regular routes .  if you want to xinjiang ,we can get in touch with the local hotels.to arrange the rooms for you.
2017/07/15 20:19
@zyj, I am German, living ( permanent ) in CZ, regarding Tour to Xinjiang I want to know: do I need a special permission, "Visa", if yes, can U provide it and how much would it cost?
2017/07/14 11:05
@germanlion, you are a chinese,want to euroe countris or you are a foreigner,want to other countris?
2017/07/14 10:35
@germanlion,you want to express ,how long does a westerners get a visa,is it right?
2017/07/14 03:07
@zyj, how many kuai for Visa for westeners, such as central-europeans
2017/07/13 14:17
I work at a travel club, recently organizing a Xinjiang tour ( northwest  of  China ), and welcome friends from all over the country to join us . ( The fee include: car and accommodation, if we live in a hotel ,we will provide a breakfast ).we chat:15011073170qq:2418835266If you have other travel problems, you can also consult me. I'll be happy to help you.
2011/06/23 10:46
Personally, I am planning to use that CZ-Pudong shuttle bus. And acutally this blog is the place that I found the information of the bus -_- I called them and it is said that if you take the 6am bus, you will be able to arrive at Pudong around 9:30 before 10am ,since the chance of a traffic in the early morning is quite slim. Normally, the transportation time from CZ to Pudong is around 3.5-4 hours. There is a new route improved in SH from the highway exit to the airport, the situation has been much better these days...And according to the latest news, the SH-BJ speed train will have its first run on June 30th. It offers two prices, for a speedy one, from CZ to BJ is about 500RMB (less than 5 hours) and the slower one is about 300+RMB

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