30 Mar 2011
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Suggest restaurants in Changzhou for others to try.


Bonus if you can provide an address or directions via BRT

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2017/10/29 21:42
In my impression, the people I trust most are my parents How to be a trustworthy person Each of us should strive to be a trusted person so that we can live a more meaningful life
2017/09/04 20:15
In my submission . Students should have a student's appearance, there should be students' attitudes and responsibilities, responsible for themselves, responsible for others. As children of parents, the responsibility is to share some housework and responsibilities for parents. As citizens of China, we should be responsible for any decisions and actions we make

2016/12/26 20:51
Clean ,clean,clean.Be "cheap"feudal literati as a foundation of doing things .Many non-corrupt story and uprightness ,and popular wenerable ,honesty and uprightness sincerely prise the .
2016/12/26 20:47
Patriotism partriotism is people for their loyalty and love of the motherland's ideal and the struggle for her independence and prosperity of dedication .The patriotism of the proletariat from national labor people's fundamental interests ,is closely linked with internationalism,both love their motherland,against foreign aggression ,and respect for the other country and people's rights and freedoms .
2016/12/26 20:41
Integrity, then ,is not afraid of strong,bold ,to be able to stick to ,don't be afraid to admit his mistake .Integrity means have the courage to stick to his faith .This includes the sbility to stick to what do you think is the right thing ,in need of peple ,and to open you believe something is wrong
2016/12/26 20:32
First we need to have a heart of gratitude .remember every who helped us ,always gratefuland often greet people.The second to praise the achievements of others .We must sincerely praise other.Three is to sincerely.Four is to suit the action to the world .Five is offern help when others need help.Six is the ability to respect yourself ,respect others.
2016/12/26 20:20
The phenomemon of justice is equlity .Just like in my house we buy anything is a double ,will not bully me or my sister .There are for example work moren,less and less.In the study ,we have get much more effort in return .
2016/12/26 20:12
Courage need at any time .Courage is one of the most important human qualities,if have the courage and other qualities of human nature also have.If did not have the courage we will become very timid ,and will achieve nothing .Have the courage to you may not be the subject will make sense.So courage is very important to us
2016/12/26 19:58
Honesty is honest and trustworthy.We are the future of the country,shoulder the construction state.Integrity is the basic rules.Integrity is the foundation of the faithful.Leave the honest and trustworthy as they wished.Keep your words are honest appearance .Also is the important standard to judge honest.
2016/12/26 19:47
When i was in diffcutly we should ignore other's ridicule,do the most authentic self .All let nature take its course .Calm and take care of things.To work and relaxation .you can choose happy for yourself .
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