21 Jun 2008
English Teahouse
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/08/13 15:33
Hi there Wang Jian ! So long time no news ! Remember me ? Steven, middle school 2 teacher, Europe Club manager and Sharks rock band leader ;) I need to contact Wang Jian. Thanks for help.

2019/06/05 20:57
Personally, I would like to thank the first is their own parents, thank them take us come to this colorful world, secondly thank friends, help or hurt for us, in order to let us to feel the way of life, there are more things to face, to solve, life is a climb again in the fall of a process, through the reflection after wrestling, get to see grow up.
2019/06/05 20:53
Only with integrity and kindness can we really live a good life and achieve sustainable development. We can get along well with others and carry out our work and life in a good manner. This is a requirement for ourselves, as well as for human responsibility and society.
2019/06/05 20:52
Life need to go beyond the self, in the way of life, not everything is so follow one's inclinations, after several times to go to the wall, some people are stuck in the past, adventurous, produce negative emotions, think that own goal beyond their ability, always making excuses for failure, only transcend themselves, dare to shock, to reach their goals.
2019/06/05 20:51
High standards of work, work to emphasize a "high" word, to have a high sense of responsibility, high executive force: high ambition, lofty goal, high passion, elegant style, superb level, high skills. To achieve farsighted, farsighted, advanced! It is precisely these high standards and high requirements that make people achieve the brilliant career and the noble and perfect life!
2019/06/05 20:49
Speaking civilized manners is one of the signs of social civilization and personal moral cultivation. People's behavior can best reflect a person's moral cultivation and civilization level. Every self - respecting person should pay attention to personal etiquette as the quality of success to cultivate.
2019/06/05 10:45
Politeness is the essential etiquette in daily social life. That requires us to treat every things and people gently and peacefully. Without any angry or quarrel or disharmony,people all live with each other full of happiness. Not only in our daily life,but also in our professional job,we all should treat and great person politely. And also we can acquaint with many people.
2019/06/05 10:35
With the development of technology and social life,people's daily life has developed to a high standard. Regardless of your study or shopping or transportation,they all attain higher standards compared with the past life. Meanwhile,higher standards of life quality,higher standards of evaluation. That means you need to be more strict to yourself in life and every different fields.
2019/06/05 10:25
Integrity is the quality including honesty and fairness. It praises the people who can deal with problems without considering about personal interests,gains and losses. Mostly,it is a essential quality that public officilas must have. But also,it should be equipped to every people,every professions. However,without the integrity,social people will be cheated with each other,every beneficial thing will belong to the authority and wealth. That's just a mess.
2019/06/05 07:37
Politeness is always the traditional virtue of China, and it's also the virtue that our parents taught us to develop from an early age. Being polite doesn't merely mean say Hello to someone, it's a manner that can show your interior quality.
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