21 Jun 2008
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2019/04/19 22:01
The concept of fairness is very important in society. Everyone should respect the concept of fairness. With equity, society can provide equal rights and opportunities for people's development. Only in this way can everyone perform his or her duties. There will be no chaos in this society.
2019/04/19 20:05
Fairness is very important in our society. Thanks to it our society can function smoothly. Fairness means hope to some degree because it offers us an opportunity to creat wealth with our own hands. It is not about birth or classess, just your effort to it. It likes the scale in every human being's heart which makes our society and lifestyle more meaningful. If not, the world would be a hell, and we would just lived as we should.
2019/04/19 16:48
No one can deny the fact that we are all required to be treated fairly by others and society. If the society lacks fairness, rules and laws can be in vain, there will be no trust and love between people. For instance, a company which ofthen treat its employees unfairly will go out of business ultimately. And since everyone desire fair treatment, we should respect them and treat them fairly.
2019/04/19 13:50
I think that fairness means everybody is equal and take sides in everything. Nothing is absolute,there exists no absolute fairness in the world, merely have relative fairness. However, fairness is still important. Our society can not keep operation without fairness.
2019/04/19 11:53
Unfairness is not evil by itself. It's just a phenomenon that justifies the injustice in the illusionary society. So you may ask why people think it as evil. For unfairness is the unquenchable obsessive moral bending desire for more. For unfairness is the bottomless soulless distorted greed which just exists at the end of some rainbow which doesn't even exist.However, unfairness is fair itself, for sure, until we become those who grasp the key to the door that leads us to the power and money.
2019/04/19 11:20
In my opinion, the concept of fairness is one of the most valuable merits in today's society. It means equilty, which everyone should own and be treated. It reflects the education right for all, whoever is wealth or poor. It reflects the health right and interest for all, whoever is male or female. It also reflects legal right for all, whoever is old or young. And fairness is embodied in every aspect of society.
2019/04/19 09:08
Fairness means equal rights, reasonable distribution, equal opportunities and justice. Fairness and justice are the ideal and goal of every modern society. To build a fair and just society requires long-term efforts by the whole society to improve the cultural, moral, legal and other aspects of all citizens, so as to make people have a sense of desire for fairness and justice. The ability to participate in fairness and justice and the pursuit of justice according to law.
2019/04/19 08:33
From my point of view,fairness refers to judge equally. If you treat someone fairly,you give him or her your respect. We are supposed to practice justice,equity and equality. As an individual,we should recognize the uniqueness and merit of us.

2019/04/19 08:31
As  far as I am concerned,Fairness  means  a lot  to our modern society.It contributes to the harmony of the society.Fairness helps maintain the development of country.Without it,our society  may be messy and  lag behind other countries.Consequently,Fairness  plays an crucial role in our daily  life.
2019/04/19 07:28
Fairness means treat everyone fairly.But in today’s society,fairness is getting less and less.As long as it is not treated too eccentrically,we can call it fairness.Therefore,being treated unfairely is really common in today’s society.
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