21 Jun 2008
English Teahouse
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Welcome to the ENGLISH TEAHOUSE!

In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!

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2018/10/20 19:46
In my opinion, courage depends on the environmet. When I stayed with my parents, i would ask my parents for help as I found a worm. However, I would killed the worm when I was alone cause no one can help me. So I should be courageous to solve the worm by myself.
Oh Aha说:
2018/10/20 19:05
Courage is a significant factor when we challenge the difficulties in our life. If you have courage to take a step forword, you will have more chances to achieve success compared with others.
2018/10/20 17:38
Courage is very important in our life. Everyone needs it to welcome criticism as well as those who have the courage to criticize him or her.

2018/10/20 16:42
In the concept of psychological courage, courage refers to the motivation with positive initiative to maintain the act of will, which can be divided into three psychological states of courage, patience and worry in terms of external performance.
2018/10/20 16:39
Honesty is a ability to accurately explain What happened in order to gain trust, that is, to truthfully express the information that the subject has, that is, to be faithful to the good heart.
2018/10/20 16:19
For courage,it’s very essential.Everyone needs it.It’s said that even you had lost the whole world,you couldn’t lose the courage.We cannot lose our courage.Only when we equip ourselves with hope and courage,can we finally succeed in the uncertain future.
2018/10/20 15:06
Owning courage can help us step out and chase our dreams .
2018/10/20 15:05
Honesty is beneficial to a successful business. No one is willing to cooperate with those who always tell a lie.
2018/10/20 15:04
As a Chinese citizen,we must take our responsibilities when we enjoy those rights.
2018/10/20 15:03
Self-discipline is a element that set those successful people apart from common one.
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