16 Oct 2017

Venturing out to tourist sites during a holiday can be risky business. You can be stuck for hours in traffic or, worse, get trampled.

22 Sep 2017

The plight of a Chinese student whose parents sold their home to pay for an Australian university education but only found a job handing out product samples has sparked debate in China questioning the value of overseas education.


The worsening job prospects for graduates returning to China could send a chill through Australia's third largest export market – international education – which is worth $21.8 billion annually, Australian trade officials have told Fairfax Media.


Australian university graduate Jacky Wan, now working at Beijing outdoor company Summit Experience

12 Sep 2017


Adults in China are set to look at their smartphones more in 2017


Accessing the Internet via smartphone is netting a growing share of the daily time adults in China spend on major media.


This trend is also reflected in Southeast Asia as well, with smartphones the go-to device for accessing the web.

6 Sep 2017

National Congress in the cutline Communist party officials attend the party's 18th national congress in Beijing in November 2012. Photo: Wu Gang  


  The Communist Party of China (CPC), the country’s ruling party since the end of the civil war in 1949, will begin its once-every-five-year National Congress on Oct. 18, at which time a new slate of party leaders will be elected.

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