20 Feb 2017

We raise our glass in salute of Mayor Fei Gaoyun who has been promoted to the Party Secretary position of Changzhou.

And at the close of the Changzhou’s 16th People’s Congress meeting on Feb. 19th, we congratulate and welcome our new Mayor Ding Chun. Here are his noteworthy credentials and experience which include higher education in the United States.




Ding Chun Mayor of Changzhou

30 Dec 2016

As the New Year approaches progressing us forward in time, so do new resolves, innovations, ideas, hopes and expectations for the future. With only a few hours left 2017 will be welcomed by all.

I want to thank YOU for your participation during the past 9 years and your consistent support and encouragement. This blog community is your home - a place where you can openly voice your concerns, your issues, and sometimes even your dismay with certain situations in the city.



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