15 Jun 2008

Greetings Foreign Friends

Dear Expat citizens in Changzhou,
At the suggestion of so many of you, we have done it. With the cooperation of the Changzhou leadership, CTV and www.cztv.tv, we have created a place where you can get the most current information about Changzhou in English.
14 Jun 2008
Father’s Day
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                                                       Father’s Day
Fathers will always be our guide, coach and friend. Tomorrow (June 15th), we commemorate and celebrate that special man in our life.
May all fathers in the world happiness always!
Don’t forget to give your daddy a surprise!
14 Jun 2008

An Expat’s Message of Miracles in a Sea of Tents


This morning, I received a letter from an American Expatriate living in Changzhou. Now I put it into my blog so that more friends can share their story!
10 Jun 2008
Celtics Go!
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Celtics go! Celtics go!
My eyes have been glued to the screen of the tube for almost 3 hours on Jiangsu TV sports channel yesterday morning! (CCTV-5 was broadcasting live Beijing Olympic Torch Relay in Kunming) And my support finally paid off, Celtics beat Lakers again in Boston and will go to Staples Center by taking 2-0 lead! As a die-hard NBA fan, I ‘d like to say a few words about the game 2 of the final this year, whether professional or not!
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