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  1. Life is a process of constant learning.It's only with perseverance that we can get on with it.Learning is to have the perseverance to do a steady bench. Only those who are not afraid of hardship and courage to fight can break out a day in their study. When we have a clear goal in our hearts, we will make unremitting efforts with unyielding will. There's nothing that can hold us back and we can be closer to success.

  2. Victory depends on perseverance. To win, we must persevere in our efforts. Only after many failures can we succeed. That is to say, failure is the mother of success, and success is the symbol of victory. In other words, perseverance is victory. Everything new is always like this at the beginning. And at the beginning, many people are enthusiastic, but soon they cool down and stop doing it, because he already knows that it is impossible to do it without a lot of hard work, and only those who want to do it can endure the pain.

  3. I suppose memorizing new words as the aspect that requires the most perseverance.For the specificity of our major,the fountation of conprehensive word-map appears rather vital.Looking forward to a better world outside,we're.supposed to polish our bocabulary.

  4. As far as I'm concerned,responsibility remains vital in the making of our lifespan.On the one hand,it emphasizes our role of the whole society.On the other,it builds a stable foundation of our leading ability.

  5. Unfortunately, my old grandmother is sick a few months ago.For the elderly, it is more dangerous to get sick in such an old age. At that time, she couldn't stand on her own feet .She had to be taken care of all the time, my parents were usually busy  while they were at work, I took care of my grandmother.For example, in the morning, I would help her brush her teeth and wash her face, feed her to eat, or help her to go to the bathroom. In the evening, I will help her take a bath. Some people may think the old people are dirty and don't want to touch them, but I won't, because my grandmother loves me very much. I sometimes push her to the park, breathing in the fresh air, talking to other old people, and made her less lonely. I hope she can live a hundred years!

  6. Perserverance gives me courage when my soul is coverered with ice and encourage me to finish the task . Using my whole energy to message.Also, it helps me by implying strong willpower. Not only the will but also my dream.

  7. Being an essential component of society,caring brightens the beauty of the entire world.Without daily caring,nobody would show any sympathy for others,any error in cooperations would be ignored by team-mate.The stable envolvement would never to be balanced.

  8. Without self—discipline ,our life would cover with the snow of cynicism .Somebody  living  irregular, losing  the passion  with everything .Then the one's  life  would  in trouble ,and the  world would be paralyzed ,full of clash,,out of order,rob,crimes,and  even destroy the civilization.In such a world society ,nobody can live harmonious , in a long time.We must discipline ourselves in lifetime, and be energetic for the future.

  9. For better involved in a society,rules ' re to be respected.In terms of  achieving a stable balance with other members,intangible ordinations have a tendency to form in the course.Taking those into consideration,self-disipline is a must.

  10. Vividly,the society has been demonstrating the essential role of citizenship–the identification of self identity.Whenever you're on you way for,citizenship remains the belonging of your heart.

  11. Dishonesty appears to be a constant occurrence in childhood.I remember a time when dying for a surperior award for my remarkable performance,I gave false informance to my mom wi5h regard to my final grade.Whereas,it turned out to recieve a punishment.

  12. The real brave people should not be those who don't fear, don't be afraid, don't cry and don't flinch. Now I think they should be those who are timid, fragile, and emotional. They are afraid of everything, but they just keep walking forward.

  13. Society is absolutely fair, but fairness is only for the strong, the weak is not fair. You think corrupt officials are unfair, but do you know how he got there? How does his getting there compare with your efforts? If he works hard to become an official, then his corruption is his own fault. If you think society is unfair, yes, but that's no reason not to try.

  14. I think the most important situations to show our respect is when we appreciate the efforts of others. There is nothing like "thank you" from time to explain how to respect others. Expressing gratitude for their help is the most appropriate action. The simple "thank you" not only reflects your sincerity, but also paves the way for mutual respect and gratitude.It can create a safe, warm atmosphere for others, making them feel respected, understood, accepted, and receive a sense of self-worth

  15. Patriotism refers to a positive and supportive attitude towards the motherland by individuals or collectives.When people have patriotism, they will study harder, strive hard, be determined to become talents, and promote their own all-round development, so as to speed up social progress,and can put society in a stable state.

  16. As a historical category, patriotism has different connotations and manifestations in different historical stages and development periods. Patriotism is more direct in the war years, that is, the heroic struggle against the enemy. And in a new era of peace, it is no longer necessary for us to sacrifice our heads and blood to serve our country on the battlefield.

  17. We are accountable for our work, that is, to perform our duties, work hard and be loyal to the enterprise.
    When we are accountable to our families, the family becomes harmonious and our parents enjoy happiness in their twilight years.
    And then our society can have a opportunity to develop.In all the accountability play an important role in society.

  18. As is demonstrated in the practical world,accountability appears to be the solid foundation of the making of What's more,it's evitably where one another lies on.

  19. l'm very glad to read your blog.l'm a senior high school student in shanghai.this is my first time writing a message.Give you my nest wish.