Xitaihu Lake Community | 西太湖国际社区

Xitaihu Lake community is Changzhou’s first comprehensive residential area for foreigners. It has been establish by local government and an internationally-minded team and provides four main functions in order to support a foreigners needs whilst living and working in China:Long & short term Apartments Business & social events and activities Entrepreneurial support (start-ups and new to China business)Full online to offline support information 西太湖国际社区是常州地区第一个为境外人士打造的综合性居住区,提供包括酒店式公寓和管家服务、活动空间、创业基地、线上资讯平台四大功能,由此组成的国际高层次人士O2O社会生活共同体。

Platinum Studio铂金公寓 / Classic Studio经典套房 
(50 apartments in total in 2020, 170 ones in future) 

GOLDEN 美式轻奢风
MODERN 摩登现代风
CHIC 法式简约风
ZAKKA 日式冷淡风

灵活的选择Whether you’re an expert who is just stopping by or dipping your toes in the city before taking the big leap, Xitaihu Lake Community offers flexible terms to suit your unique schedule. Our goal is to make sure you feel right at home, no matter how short or long the stay.无论您是外企委派在常州短期停留的技术专家,还是打算来这个城市里开拓事业的先行者,西太湖国际社区为您提供了灵活的居住时间,以适应您独特的日程安排。我们的目标是确保无论您在这里居住时间的长短,都有宾至如归的感觉,体验到当地的文化,交往到当地的朋友,也照顾到您的生活习惯。

Start Up Business
Xitaihu Lake community provides offices and co-working space for business and consulting services for small and medium enterprises. Our bilingual official account promotes Changzhou’s entrepreneurship policy and talent policy in real time, and we also host various entrepreneurial theme activities, social salon, road show, business networking party, etc.国际社区提供办公室和共享工位为中小型企业提供创业基地和企业配套咨询服务、双语公众号实时推送常州创业政策和人才政策,同时,举办各类创业主题活动,沙龙路演,商务社交等。
Public Chinese CourseExcept free lessons, we provide customized Mandarin training plans, language training and elite training to individuals and International enterprises. We have everything you need to Learn Chinese•Live Mandarin Chinese classes whenever and wherever you choose•Full series of free self-taught studying materials•Courses customized to your needs and level•Highly qualified Chinese teachers除了免费的中文学习课,我们也为个人和企业提供定制的普通话培训课程、语言考级和精英培训。随时随地直播汉语课堂全套免费自学教材根据您的需求和水平定制课程高素质的汉语教师
Expats Volunteers ActivitiesWe are honored to organize some expats to form an international volunteer team in Changzhou to carry out various charity activities, including visiting disabled children, teaching free foreign language classes for poor children, charity sale and garbage sorting popularization.我们很荣幸组织部分外国人组成了常州国际志愿者团队,开展各类慈善活动,包括探望残疾儿童、为贫穷儿童免费教授外语课、慈善义卖和垃圾分类普及等。
Culture Communication and EventsThe community organizes various activities to enrich the weekend time of expats. There are not only Chinese traditional festivals and cultural experience activities, but also art, sports, tourism, Latin parties and so on.社区组织各种活动来丰富外国人的周末时光。既有中国传统节日和文化的体验活动,也有艺术、体育、旅游、拉丁派对等。

We are aware of more and more expats come to Changzhou for work or entrepreneurship. When they firstly come to here, there are some unfamiliar places, such as medical care, communication, shopping patterns, public transportation, cultural habits and the apps using etc. We hope that we can make it more convenient and comfortable for expats to live in Changzhou and find a sense of belonging in the West Taihu Lake community to get better and dynamic life.我们意识到越来越多的外国人为了工作或创业来到常州,当他们初来当地时有一些不熟悉的地方,如交流、购物、文化习惯、应用程序等,我们希望能让外国人在常州居住的更方便更舒服,在国际社区找到归属感。