New Year Message

If I were to summarize the year 2020 in one word, it would be…. CHAOTIC. And I believe everyone is happy to know that 2021 the Year of the Ox (my year本命年 haha…) is close at hand.

The pandemic showed us that all nations are part of the human family. The Covid virus doesn’t discriminate, but what it does is give us an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser.  Collectively we must approach our future with hope. Our new normal is yet another step toward our survival on this planet.

With the smartest minds in world working on a solution, you and I can begin to imagine life reshaping itself to include those activities we all cherish. Daily life, albeit with some critical changes are starting to get underway.

We all have unfinished goals and dreams. Mine include my dear Son, Henry who is preparing for a major exam which will help determine his future path. “Believe in yourself Son, because I believe in you and will always support your dreams.”
And to ALL of my friends and family – you are one of my greatest treasures in life. My gratitude comes from my heart, when I say “THANK YOU for being in my life.

Together we will not just survive, but thrive as we help one another. 2021,愿人间皆安!

4 thoughts on “New Year Message

  1. Great message of hope, friendship, respect and trust, ALL i like ! Welldone Wang Jian, you were the "missing link" in the chain of friendship in Changzhou ! Go on, we will all stand by you ever on !BONNE ANNEE et MEILLEURS VOEUX a toutes et a tous !!

  2. Hope everyone has a ROCKIN' HOLIDAY! Meeting friends in Shanghai and swinging it at the Ritz! Gonna listen to great jazz at the Cotton Club.

  3. Howdy Atlanta, I thought I’d give you a holler and wish you Happy New Year! My best to your family.

  4. Happy holidays! Hi Atlanta I had a bad experience with a taxi last night. After going to a friends party in the Wujin district when we finally got a taxi, he put us out because he said it was too far. It took us 40 minutes to  catch another taxi. Spoiled the night for us.

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