To my son Henry

Dear Son,


Eighteen years ago today –the world was made better because you were born. A new life full of potential, including all the happiness it brings a father to have a son. I have so much to say because my heart is so filled with the awesome feeling that you bring me – just for being YOU, just the way you are.


As I dream about your early years, I see one of the sweetest souls who was consistently obedient, cute and caring towards his parents. There was no difficulty you feared in terms of life and study. You took such joy in the moments we had together like when I fixed your favorite breakfast.


Next, I observed the fearless approach you took when your life went into a transition within our family. You bravely stepped into a new environment and adapted like the champion you are.

But lately Son, I see and feel that the challenges of this next step in your life are both perplexing and stressful for you. These are natural – they are growing pains that come when we realize full on that we are in the drivers seat for our future with the choices we make.Now let me tell you – there are NO FAILURES in life – ONLY LESSONS. Strength and wisdom can be gained by how well we learn from the decisions we make toward our future. Remember, you are a work in progress.

The most important thing is to FOCUS on the attitude with which you face your challenges. If a path you choose toward a goal doesn’t work at first – try another – but don’t be afraid to try and try repeatedly if necessary.

Think for a moment how humans learn – there is a pattern. When you were a baby, you didn’t walk the first time you tried. You had to make an effort repeatedly. When you were learning to write, you didn’t do it perfectly the first time. You had to do it repeatedly. When you were learning the violin you had to put a repeated effort into practicing, right?
Well, the same applies to your decision-making about the steps you must take toward your future. It’s OK not to be sure. But your attitude must stay positive in your efforts. Do NOT allow a doubtful mind to kill your spirit. You must practice erasing the pattern of panic that your mind tries to impose on you when these kinds of challenges arise.

I want you to make a commitment to lifelong learning. Begin each decision with the end in mind. And of all the character traits I want you to practice regularly – the most vital is COURAGE. Because without it, you can not practice any other virtue consistently.

There is nothing you can do to make me stop loving you. And no matter how painful and difficult your life may seem – I am always here for you.

Next year you will begin your university studies, and you will experience the state of independence. And Son, in my heart I know this is where you will begin to fly higher than you ever imagined. You have shown me what you are capable of in difficult situations – and this is yet another transition that you will encounter.

I believe in you – you must believe in yourself.

You are an outstanding human being who understands that life must be lived with purpose and compassion while in this confusing world we live in. We must never give up trying towards a brighter future.

I am proud to be your father! And I love you more than my words can say. Walk with your head high and step boldly into your young adulthood life. I am right behind you always.


Love Always and forever – DAD