March 24 Update: No New Confirmed Local Case in Jiangsu but Three Imported Cases


Between 00:00 and24:00, March 23, 3 confirmed imported cases of COVID-19 were reported inJiangsu, one in Nanjing (imported from the UK), one in Suzhou (imported from theUK) and one in Nantong (imported from the UAE). A total of 5 imported cases havebeen reported accumulatively as of 24:00, March 23.

Case 1: A Chinesenational lives in Nanjing, who set off from London on March 18, arrived atShanghai Pudong International Airport on March 19, and was immediately sent toa designated site in Nanjing for quarantine by Jiangsu Task Force in Shanghai. OnMarch 20, the patient showed some symptoms. On March 21, the patient was testedpositive in a nuclei acid test and transferred to hospital for quarantine in anambulance. On March 23, the patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 in Nanjing.

Case 2: A UK nationallives in Suzhou, who set off from London on March 15, arrived at ShanghaiPudong International Airport on March 16, and took an online-booked car to getto his/her residence in Suzhou for home quarantine before reporting to thecommunity management. On March 20, the patient showed some symptoms. On March21, the patient was transferred to hospital for quarantine in an ambulance. Onthe evening of March 22, the patient was tested positive a nuclei acid test. OnMarch 23, the patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 in Suzhou.

Case 3: A Chinesenational lives in Nantong, who set off from Dubai on March 21, completedcustoms clearance in Beijing and finally arrived at Shanghai Pudong InternationalAirport on the same day. He/she drove back to Nantong alone in a private car(one of the two cars brought to the airport by his/her family and friends). Onthe way back, his/her throat swab and blood sample were taken by Nantongofficials. He/she arrived in Nantong for home quarantine in the early morningon March 22. On March 22, the patient showed some symptoms and was then testedpositive in a nucleic acid test and transferred to hospital for quarantine in anambulance. On March 23, the patient was diagnosed with COVID-19 in Nantong.

Between 00:00 and24:00 March 23, no new confirmed local case was reported in Jiangsu. As of24:00, March 23, 631 local cases have been reported in Jiangsu accumulatively,and 631 cases have been discharged from hospital in cumulative terms.

Of the traced 12,731close contacts, 83 are still under medical quarantine and 12,648 have beenreleased.

Experts note that atthe current new stage of pandemic control, it is necessary to take preventionof imported cases as the top priority and advance prevention in a coordinatedmanner. Concrete measures for targeted control should be adopted whilepromoting full resumption of normal order of production and life.

Jiangsu hasintensified its control to prevent imported COVID-19 cases. Starting from March23, all Jiangsu-bound travelers will be putunder centralized quarantine for 14 days. All those who visit or return toJiangsu from overseas must comply with relevant regulations, fulfill theirresponsibilities by truthfully declaring their health conditions and travelhistories, make health declaration via “Jiangsu Health Code”, and seektreatment at designated fever clinics as soon as possible, if symptoms such asfever and cough occur, and report their whereabouts in the previous two weeks.

Everybody bears theprimary responsibility for their own health. The public is advised to keepprecautions in place; develop good hygiene habits including washing hands andventilating homes and offices frequently; and follow proper cough etiquette.The whole society should be involved in the national campaign for sanitationwhile the public should increase their awareness of science-based pandemiccontrol and develop a healthy lifestyle.

Different populationgroups should follow the precautionary recommendations and tips included in theGuidelines on the Proper Use of Masks by the Public, and wear a mask inthe right way at different sites and under various circumstances. This willboth protect themselves and benefit public health.