Exclusive Interview with Nels Frye, Editor-in-Chief of LifeStyle Magazine





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  1. It was a very interesting experience being present during the Mayor’s interview with Nels. Both men have some outstanding qualities, Nels has great fluency in Chinese speaking and writing. He attributes his success to his work and living experiences in China. I will strive towards this type of excellence in my own pursuit of maintaining this bridge between the English speaking friends worldwide and Changzhou City. Hopefully more opportunities will come my way.

    The hour and a half Nels spent with the Mayor was relaxed yet in-depth. The Mayor showed wonderful confidence and an enthusiastic willingness to communicate with mass media at home and abroad. Using phrases like “communication and interaction” instead of “propaganda and publicity”, to describe his philosophy. He welcomed media to see the real Changzhou with their own eyes. The Mayor also shared his noteworthy educational background at Harvard University.

    I am expecting Nels to send me the entire interview in the near future, and I will post it immediately.

  2. Howdy Atlanta,

    Well it looks like the winds are really changing there in Changzhou. This new Mayor looks like a really keeper!
    Just wanted to give you guys a holler and let you know little China, who is not so little anymore won her first Equestrian Jumping Competition.

    Tell the Professor we miss her but we keep her gear ready for her next visit to the ranch.

  3. Nels was a young visionary himself – learning Chinese as early in his life as he did was very smart.

    I sure hope this Mayor stays with us for a long time – he really has a great leadership philosophy.

  4. well, I have to say Nels is a great learner and has his own Unique perspective.His life style must be very cool.
    Reading magazine is an enjoyable thing to me,and i'll try to get a <Lifestyle>. well,i wish…

  5. OMG! This guy can really speak Chinese!

    Must have had very wise parents to encourage him to start in high school.

    Mayor Yao you really are a unique character!

  6. Our Mayor is ahead of the curve according the San Francisco Mayor Lee!!!

    Lee is just now planning to use online engagement with citizens to help solve city problems – our Mayor already does it! YEH!
    Even though, it would be nice to copy the 1st priority also, it shows just how progressive Yao is globally.

  7. Great minds think alike! Thank you Connor for sharing. Maybe Atlanta you should go and exchange with these advanced cities like San Francisco the valuable experiences for mutual development. Changzhou should go global. Luckily, we have Mayor Yao!

    BTW, Nels is a smart guy and speaks great Chinese. I have a question for Nels, what was your motivation to learn Chinese when you were very young?

  8. Hey Connor thanks for the comparison site. Bay area is one of my favorite places on the planet too.

    Mayor Yao is definitely AHEAD of the game! Of course GO CRIMSON!

  9. OK, so everyone knows that San Francisco is a world class city!

    We can be mighty proud that we have a mayor doing as well if not better than one from the Bay Area.

    Look out world – here comes Changzhou!!!

  10. The mayor's excellent higher education most definitely influences his enlightened leadership style.
    That alone should inspire young people to seek more out of their academic institutions.

  11. Dear Foreign Friends,

    Professor Linda says it importance to let you know the wonderful time volunteering we had. And thank you for sharing.

    Wednesday last HAW members helped make flash cards for words of kitchen things. The disabled children learn to bake. A famous place is building them a special kitchen for learning.

    HAW members and Mama Linda help teachers and Director Yang learning English. Teachers will study teaching autistic children from famous American doctors.

    HAW will having Children’s Day Music Concert in Dinosaur Park on Children’s Day. The SHARKS will donate to Tian Ai for music. This is very loving gift for children.

    HAW helping to build more library books for the children. We hope many give books and learning tapes for computers.

    We welcome you to joining us volunteering. Thank you!

  12. Thanks for your efforts ProfL and HAW. Changzhou is a LOVE city and I hope I can attend next time to help autistic children learn  English.  I can also teach them simple embroidery skills.

  13. I think those of us in business should be truly encouraged by this interview concerning our Mayor.

    Most especially given the comparison we see with the mayor of San Francisco.

  14. Love seeing the quality of our interviews improving through time.
    And delighted even more to see that our Mayor is ahead of western leaders in their approach.
    This blog is surely a great vehicle for the city!

    Keep up the good work – keep striving forward Atlanta!

  15. I take pride in choosing a Chinese city to do business in, that has a mayor doing comparitive innovations with one from San Francisco especially!

    Nice job Atlanta for bringing this to our community.

  16. Very interesting interview that gives us a better perspective of our Mayor for sure.

    Professor Linda I would like to volunteer with you. It is so very important that we contribute to those in need.
    How can I get involved?

  17. This is a great interview! Especially with the observation from one of the readers comparing Changzhou's Mayor to Mayor of San Francisco.

    CHANGZHOU MAYOR IS ALREADY ENGAGING THE COMMUNITY! And using technology toward addressing city problems.

    Very interesting indeed!