Mayor Yao: Interview with LifeStyle Magazine

Dear Netizens,

Many of you may remember the thread of communication with Nels Frye, Editor-in-Chief Magazine based in Beijing.

Mayor Yao\’s innovative leadership philosophy is reaching major cities throughout China, including the capital.

The mayor accepted the invitation to be interviewed by this major international magazine.
And I was present during the interview today (Feb. 17th).

On another date I will post an exclusive interview, and we will see what Nels Frye thought about our Mayor Yao and the Dragon City.

Atlanta (Wang Jian)

0 thoughts on “Mayor Yao: Interview with LifeStyle Magazine

  1. This should be an interesting interview!

    Professor L would it be OK if I came with you? Perhaps I can encourage my students also to get involved.

    I'll keep you in my prayers Athens Mom.

  2. Should be interesting to hear how Nels felt about our progressive Mayor.

    Really sorry to hear your Mom is worrying about your country – so many countries are way too deep in debt with depressing plans to bail themselves out.

    My Dad worries that same way about the economic state in America.