Dear Netizens,


I had a really satisfying dialogue with the Changzhou Foreign Affairs office, concerning
the posting of an EVENTS BULLETIN BOARD in our blog.

Every month their department will submit upcoming activities and you will be able to select from the list anything that interests you. Thanks to their sincerity and support someone from their staff with the sign in name of “traceyzhang” will be on hand to interact with anyone who might have questions about the activities. Let me express my sincere gratitude for the friends we have made in the Mayor’s office and the CZ Foreign Affairs office. Keep those suggestions going to the Mayor’s Mailbox – he has your attention now!

And remember we have a common goal – and that is to make your life in Changzhou more convenient, comfortable and fulfilling. Together we can make Changzhou better – maybe even better than Xiamen (smile).

Atlanta (Wang Jian)

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