Business as Usual in the Mayor's Mailbox

The Honor Guard Baton of the Mayor office has been passed again from now Party Secretary Fei Gaoyun to the new Changzhou MAYOR DING CHUN.

For more than 6 years the Mayor’s Mailbox has been a bridge which successfully connects the Municipal Government Offices with its foreign citizens, and readers worldwide. This innovative vehicle of communication has had more than a 1300 messages addressing vital Lifestyle challenges faced by foreigners on a daily basis.

No subject is too great or too small to discuss. Problems and issues concerning topics like getting Changzhou maps in English, Children’s Education, International Airport Shuttle Transportation and most recently Medical English in the hospitals have been raised as problems – and then SOLVED through the cooperative efforts of government departments and those citizens willing to interact online.

Our new globally aware Mayor Ding Chun welcomes ongoing comments, suggestions and ideas from all of you for the enhancement of our home called Dragon City!