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  1. Hi Puertea, the place Montana is referring to is called Chocolate's Bar.  I suggest ordering the first steak on the menu for thickness and juiciness.  The place is usually full of foreigners ( a lot of Germans). The manager is named Claus. It's next to the Ramada Hotel. Phone number is 15861881271.

  2. Who has had experience with the Pudong Shuttle? Our school is going to have us catch our flights back home and I want to know if they are reliable.

  3. Professor L just gave me a ring and asked about the possibility of doing some part time teaching this summer.
    I'm going home for the summer but someone else may be interested. The contact name is Lynn and her phone number is: 051968860977. Hopefully she will register so she can interact herself, unlike our Travel Agent guy who left so many questions unanswered.
    ProfL said Lynn was cagey about giving salary details. But it is an English Corner Tuesday through Saturday 2 hours each. Location unknown.

  4. XinbeiCIT I have used the shuttle and can vouch for their reliability.
    The gals they have answering the phones have poor english, but if you are patient you can get your
    reservation in order.

  5. Yeh, what a shame the Travel Agent interviewed never signed in, or even had anyone from his company connect with us. They would have cleaned up given the time of year it is.

  6. Since I brought my business here, it seems that the concept of seeing a business opportunity in unique places is a strategy not well developed here. Like the travel agent referred to here. This could be a great platform for creating business they didn't utilize.

    Awhile ago our company had Professor L come in and teach a Sales Strategy seminar that increased our revenues by 15% in 6 months.

    New businesses coming here should be aware of this – although the environment for creating a place to start businesses is satisfactory in CZ, maintaining a place for consistent growth could use some improvement.

  7. Morning W, this is a common topic for conversation in the Foreign business community.

    Basically you are speaking the the lack of creativity and innovation in your Sales staff. I'm totally convinced that these are skills that have to be taught, especially in the mid-sized businesses. Larger companies have them built into their established protocols .

    It is something that needs constant attention.

  8. Nancy this is great information!

    Atlanta could you copy and paste this information from Nancy into the Resource folder on the side of the page please.

  9. Personally, I am planning to use that CZ-Pudong shuttle bus. And acutally this blog is the place that I found the information of the bus -_- I called them and it is said that if you take the 6am bus, you will be able to arrive at Pudong around 9:30 before 10am ,since the chance of a traffic in the early morning is quite slim. Normally, the transportation time from CZ to Pudong is around 3.5-4 hours. There is a new route improved in SH from the highway exit to the airport, the situation has been much better these days…And according to the latest news, the SH-BJ speed train will have its first run on June 30th. It offers two prices, for a speedy one, from CZ to BJ is about 500RMB (less than 5 hours) and the slower one is about 300+RMB

  10. I work at a travel club, recently organizing a Xinjiang tour ( northwest  of  China ), and welcome friends from all over the country to join us . ( The fee include: car and accommodation, if we live in a hotel ,we will provide a breakfast ).we chat:15011073170qq:2418835266If you have other travel problems, you can also consult me. I'll be happy to help you.

  11. @zyj, I am German, living ( permanent ) in CZ, regarding Tour to Xinjiang I want to know: do I need a special permission, "Visa", if yes, can U provide it and how much would it cost?

  12. @germanlion (if just only you) you do not need any special  Documents  ,you should take your visa , but ,you konw , Xinjiang is a border province, some places you can not visit,you just can visit the regular routes .  if you want to xinjiang ,we can get in touch with the local hotels.to arrange the rooms for you.

  13. if you want to design yourself trip .you can serch "tripadvisor"and'travelzoo"and "agoda",you can reserve your air tickets  and hotels .i hope these can help you.