Transportation including city maps

Transportation including city maps

Understanding your options for moving about the city and beyond.

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  1. Our friend Nancy's message:
    I've got a few words to say about the new train ticket rule. It is only required for the express trains with C-, D- and G-start trains. If you are trying to go to Xi'an or Beijing anywhere else using the trains with T-start, it is not required to provide your passport nubmers. But for Shanghai, Nanjing…the D- and G- start trains, you have to present your passport numbers.

    As a support person working in the FAO in CZ university town, I try my best to help my teachers (friends as well). I used to use the delivery hotline (the Li Hua Fast Food Delivery company offered this service) for a few years and everytime it worked well. No idea why they stopped to provide the train ticket delivery service this year. And because of the new rule, our teachers could not use the auto machine at the train station to get tickets for themselves because the machines can only read Chinese citizen ID cards. If you could not communicate with the officer at the window who speaks Chinese, you may have the risk of getting a wrong ticket.

    Fortunately, there is a ticket agent office in the Science and Education Park near the school. I am writing this to let all the teachers working in the university town or nearby to know this that you could use this agent office to get your tickets with only a little help from your contact person or Chinese friends. There's no queue there and it is always easy to get a ticket (for sure, not at the busy time of a term ending). Or you could do what like our teachers. They are trying to learn Chinese and to know the names of the citites you want to go, when and vacancy or not, just the very basic expressions would be enough.

    And I would also like to suggest Atlanta that you may suggest the CZ Railway Station to organize some English service at the station, since our teacher says that it is very easy for himself to get a ticket at Shanghai only because someone selling ticket there can speak English. There's no problem.

    And I guess the new system would be updated and more practical to suit our needs.

    The ticket office in the Science and Education park is quite near the university town.CZ university, CZ Info Tech, CZ Engineer Tech, CZ Mechanic Tech, CZ Light and CZ Textile, the six colleges are located on the west part called the univeristy town while the staff here like to call the east part Sicence and Education park. If you go towards east from the main road of the uni town, after the big roundabout(where bus 302 stops) which connects the east and west two parts, still east forward and take the 2nd left trun, walk 100meters the office is on the right. There is a cafe there on the first floor. If you could still not figure out, you are welcome to email me. I've got a sketch map which might help you. I tried to paste it here but failed. My email: colornancy@gmail.comI got a ticket for SH leaving on the 25th this Tuesday, so at least more than 3 days ealier…my colleague confirms that he could get tickets 10 days before the leave. It might be true that the agent office could have longer limitation than the station itself.
    Thank you Nancy!

  2. traceyzhang说:
    2012/05/14 16:00
    Timetable of Summer & Autumn 2012 Airlines (Inbound, Changzhou Airport)
    Departure  Schedule  Flight  Airplane  Departure time  Arrival time
    Beijing  1234567  CA1825  B737  13:35  15:25
    Beijing (Nan Yuan)  1234567  KN2925  B737  08:50  10:20
    Guangzhou  1234567  CZ3815  A320  15:50  17:55
      1234567  ZH9663  A320  08:30  10:20
      To be open  CZ3899  A320  09:00  11:00
    Shenzhen  1234567  ZH9841  A320  08:30  10:40
    Shenyang  1234567  ZH9842  A320  15:55  18:00
      246  CZ6407  A320  08:10  10:15
    Harbin  1234567  ZH9664  A320  17:10  19:40
      1357  3U8681  A321  12:30  15:00
    Xiamen  1357  3U8682  A321  18:20  20:00
    Changsha  246  CZ6408  A320  13:25  14:45
    Zhuhai  1234567  3U8874  A320  17:15  19:20
    Sanya  1234567  3U8874  A320  15:10  19:20
    Chengdu  246  CA4589  B733  17:50  20:20
    Chongqing  1234567  3U8593  A320  07:30  09:20
      1234567  MU2970  A320  18:10  20:00
    Kunming  1234567  KY8015  B737  13:10  15:45
    Dalian  1234567  KY8016  B737  19:00  20:25
    Xi’an  24567  MU2958  A320  12:00  14:00
    Zhangjiajie  1357  MU2974  A320  23:30  01:10
    Guilin  13  MU2960  A320  12:00  14:00
      246  MU2960  A320  23:50  01:50

    2012/05/14 15:50
    Timetable of Summer & Autumn 2012 Airlines (Outbound, Changzhou Airport)
    Arrival  Schedule  Flight  Airplane  Departure time  Arrival time
    Beijing  1234567  CA1826  B737  16:25  18:20
    Beijing (Nan Yuan)  1234567  KN2926  B737  11:00  12:30
    Guangzhou  1234567  CZ3816  A320  18:40  20:45
      1234567  ZH9664  A320  20:35  22:35
      To be open  CZ3900  A320  11:50  13:50
    Shenzhen  1234567  ZH9842  A320  18:50  21:00
    Shenyang  1234567  ZH9841  A320  11:30  13:40
      246  CZ6408  A320  15:45  17:55
    Harbin  1234567  ZH9663  A320  11:10  13:40
      1357  3U8682  A321  20:50  23:20
    Xiamen  1357  3U8681  A321  15:50  17:30
    Changsha  246  CZ6407  A320  11:00  12:35
    Zhuhai  1234567  3U8873  A320  10:10  12:15
    Sanya  1234567  3U8873  A320  10:10  14:20
    Chengdu  246  CA4590  B733  21:15  00:05
    Chongqing  1234567  3U8594  A320  21:20  23:10
      1234567  MU2969  A320  15:00  17:10
    Kunming  1234567  KY8016  B737  21:10  00:10
    Dalian  1234567  KY8015  B737  16:30  18:05
    Xi’an  24567  MU2957  A320  09:00  11:10
    Zhangjiajie  1357  MU2973  A320  20:55  22:45
    Guilin  13  MU2959  A320  09:00  11:00
      246  MU2959  A320  20:55  23:05

  3. Hi,i am crystal .he doesn't have any pending police cases against his name. His school will provide the "Leaving Certificate" that states that he was a good teacher & honest & hardworking etc etc, but the authorities need to confirm that his stay in Changzhou was "crime-free". He needs this certificate for his next job.

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