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  1. Integrity, then ,is not afraid of strong,bold ,to be able to stick to ,don't be afraid to admit his mistake .Integrity means have the courage to stick to his faith .This includes the sbility to stick to what do you think is the right thing ,in need of peple ,and to open you believe something is wrong

  2. Patriotism partriotism is people for their loyalty and love of the motherland's ideal and the struggle for her independence and prosperity of dedication .The patriotism of the proletariat from national labor people's fundamental interests ,is closely linked with internationalism,both love their motherland,against foreign aggression ,and respect for the other country and people's rights and freedoms .

  3. Clean ,clean,clean.Be "cheap"feudal literati as a foundation of doing things .Many non-corrupt story and uprightness ,and popular wenerable ,honesty and uprightness sincerely prise the .

  4. In my submission . Students should have a student's appearance, there should be students' attitudes and responsibilities, responsible for themselves, responsible for others. As children of parents, the responsibility is to share some housework and responsibilities for parents. As citizens of China, we should be responsible for any decisions and actions we make

  5. In my impression, the people I trust most are my parents How to be a trustworthy person Each of us should strive to be a trusted person so that we can live a more meaningful life

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