China raises prices of refined oil, electricity

China raises prices of refined oil, electricity
China’s top economic planner announced Thursday night the country will raise the prices of gasoline, diesel oil, aviation kerosene and electricity, revealing an unprecedented broad plan to raise energy prices.
Beginning June 20th, the benchmark gasoline and diesel oil retail prices will be marked up by 1,000 yuan (144.9 U.S.dollars) per tonne, with the price of aviation kerosene up by 1,500 yuan per tonne.
The price rises also translate into mark-ups of 0.8 yuan and 0.92 yuan per liter, the measurement used at service stations in China, for gasoline and diesel oil respectively.
The price rise in gasoline, diesel oil would have a fundamental impact on your life or not? Please comment on it!

0 thoughts on “China raises prices of refined oil, electricity

  1. No impact on my life, because i have no car! i go to work taking BRT. Maybe it’s good for us because cars on the road become less due to the price hike of gas! By the way, hope my salary will rise too.

  2. Little impact! i spend about 550 yuan on car fuel. After the price rise of gas, i need 50 yuan more each month. That’s acceptable. But i am still worry about the future. Maybe i will choose BRT to commute someday.

  3. i have no car,i don’t have even a motor.ha
    so i hope the prices of refined oil will be raised higher and higher.
    don’t just consider it as a joke ,it will turn into truth

  4. Though I have not a car,it has great effect on my life.Because my mother says,whether to buy or not to buy a car,it is a problem!

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  5. Traffic is already really bad here! Everytime I step out into the street I feel like I could die….BRT is fast. Taxi’s are a bit expensive and for foreigners you better have your destination written down…my Chinese is very poor…and the drivers never understand me.

  6. It is a problem! Changzhou municipal government is taking measures to improve it. It needs time!Changzhou people are hospitable and are willing to help foreign friends.

  7. It should be that way Shiping…but I think not in many places in the world. I got my phone stolen downtown and someone told me it was probably one of the Xinjiang people. That’s prejudice. It took me by surprise really.

  8. BRT is the best way to travel in the city. But I wish I had a map with the other bus lines too. Atlanta do you know if current maps exist and where I can get one?

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