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In the spirit of "Practice makes Perfect" the CTV English News Program is opening the English Teahouse blog. Here you will be able to exercise your English language skills. You may comment on current programs, or start a subject of your own. Don’t be shy, just try!


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  1. Parents are the people who we must to show our gratitude.They gave us life and develop us.They dont need us to return them.They teach us the experience they got from lives.Parents are the great peoplein my heart.

  2. Students should be most grateful for the education they have got. In China, we students must learn at school for many years. During these years, we pour a lot of effort and heart in studying because in today's society only studying can make us success. Besides, the knowledge we have got from education not only benefits our past but also give us advantage over others. So, I think we students must be grateful to the education.

  3. Be proactive is very important for every human being, especially before you get ready to do something. As the saying goes: early birds fly first. If you be proactive, in other words, if you got prepared, you will have more confidence in yourself and then it is possible to get a perfect result.

  4. However, we should be grateful that even with that contamination, we breathe and live! And we need to be grateful for the everything what we have. What I am most grateful for – is my family. They are most important thing to me. Without them I would be nothing.

  5. Cooperative means having the realization of cooperate with others. When we live in the society, we can not be alone. We must interact with other people. So cooperation is very common in daily life which means that being cooperative is a necessary that we should learn.

  6. Decisive means determining or having the power to determine an outcome. We must require the ability of being decisive otherwise we may lose the chance of acquiring some opportunities.

  7. Open-minded means that you should have a open mind to accept the diversity, such as different kinds of races, colors of people, religious and theories… The world is a diverse world so that there is no doubt that everything is different. If there exists black, then must white exists. This is a colorful world.

  8. When we live in the society, we must meet some discourage and difficulty. This time, it means you are making progress. But some people maybe discouraged by the difficulty. They will think that yes, I have no ability to finish it or accomplish the goal. I am a loser.

  9. Optimism is a good character that almost everyone should have. The reasons for this are optimism can keep ourselves in a delighted mood so that with a happy mood, we can have a healthy body.

  10. Everyone loves interacting with humorous people. Humorous means funny and entertaining. We will find a lot of laughter and smiles if a humorous person is there. So the basic requirement for being an interesting person. So the basic requirement for being an interesting person is having humor.

  11. Good character means people’s good quality. If people describe you as someone who has good character, it means that you have left good impression on others’ minds.

  12. Confidence means you are certain about something,and you trust yourself.It's important for us when we do things.If we lose confidence,we won't be able to do the work perfectly cause we won't be satisfied with ourselves.

  13. Confidence is very important. A person should have confidence. Confidence plays an important role in people's work and life. Without confidence, this person will not achieve anything. So confidence is important.

  14. Accoutability is vital in any society because with it a person can make more acheivement and be respected by more people.Even though a lot of people os accountable now in the society,there are still some unaccountable behaviors.Being accoutable is not only good for us to be a better person,but also make your relationships better.Do remember to be an accountable person!

  15. As far as i'm concerned,it's significant for us to be proactive in our choices.If we are not proactive,it's likely that we will lose a lot of chances.As we all know,opportunities are for those who are prepared.I have seen many people like a headless fly work in society whose lives are always boring and invarible.

  16. In my opinions,it's important for us to be grateful in our daily lives.Everyone grew up with being grateful to others.We're grateful for our parents,friends and teachers.As a result, we can become a better person who is confident and brave.

  17. Confidence is the presentation of your inherent ability. It gives you the courage and faith and approach to the exploration of success. In other word,confidence is the basis of everything we want to do. With confidence,we will become more optimistic,more strong and more active to "welcome" all kinds of problems. Oppositely,without confidence,we will be more timid,and be afraid of every issues we met. So,the confidence is also the solid basis of our society too.

  18. The requirement of high standard is very high. A high standard means a high level. It covers all levels and fields. Not everyone can do well at a high level. A high standard of study is good grades. The high standard of work is good performance. A person's high standard is good character.

  19. Politeness is very important in one's life. We were taught etiquette and etiquette from an early age. This idea has been deeply rooted in our minds. We can be polite. Because we are polite young Chinese.

  20. Confidence means you are sure you can do one thing or do one thing better than others when take the responsibility.It's very important in our life,with this,you can do things confidently without worrying about others.

  21. High-standard is a goal you set for yourself.With it you will know what you want,what you want to achieve,you will keep improving yourself until you get that standard.

  22. Being polite is the tradition of our Chinese,we Chinese student are required to learn this since we are young.It is the expression of our country and our national civilization and the progress we had made.

  23. Confidence can provide people power to do something actively.Confidence is an important factor of success.If you are confident ,you can do everyting positively.Confidence is not the necessary reason ,but cant lack it.

  24. Integrity means the virtue of being honest.It is sincerity,it is keeping faith,it is a promise,it is also the acion after promise.With integrity,our life will be more understanding,more smiles,more friendness,our life will become better.

  25. High standards can refer to life as well as work.You can make a aim about your future,and work hard to achieve it.High standard is like a goal.It can motivate you to work hard and improve yourselves .

  26. Politeness is the embodiment of a person's overall quality.My parents and my teachers taught me  politeness  since I was a little child.Our teachers told us that courtesy comes from Confucianism.Each dynasty emphasizes the importance of "benevolence".If you behave politely ,other people will treat you equally.

  27. Integrity is not afraid of power, not weak, dare to act, to be able to adhere to the right path, to have the courage to admit mistakes. Integrity means having the courage to stick to your beliefs. This includes the ability to insist on what you think is right, to resist what you believe is wrong when needed, and to publicly oppose what you believe is wrong.

  28. Confidence refers to an individual's ability to successfully cope with a particular situation.Everyone should have self-confidence, because with self-confidence, you can do a lot and do anything well. You can also help others face themselves squarely and see their strengths.

  29. High standards mean being strict with yourself. High standards can make people better.As said, high standards are used everywhere to ask for yourself and to do everything with your heart and soul. High standards can achieve career brilliance and perfection of life.