15332 Nicholas说:
2017/03/05 20:00
WEEK2  ACCOUNTABILITY       We were not the child, saying, do not One finished, all is finished. Responsibility is a sign of personal growth, they have to play in order to be based on the community, others will be willing to make friends with you. The quality of their own, based on the.
2017/02/28 19:06
Whether for life, study, family or society, the responsible people will be more popular and trust
15332 Nicholas说:
2017/02/26 23:29
week1  Commmitment    From small to large, we have promised others, have been promised. Commitment, we are familiar with. Maybe when a wait for words, can The end of life. So far, one of the most important promises to me is my dad. At that time the need for money, from my bank card took ten thousand, when I was in college, my father gave me, in the agreed time, which is very important to me.
2017/02/22 19:23
In my life, the most important promise is to grow up and honor your parents.
2016/12/25 20:52
In my daily life ,I can show my patrictism by taking good care of public property and protecting the environment
15 332 Nicholas说:
2016/12/25 20:33
week16    In my daily life I can show my "patriotism"(how much I love my country) by going all over the country record beautiful scenery and establishing a good image.
15 332 Nicholas说:
2016/12/18 21:34
week15     We are educated to know the quality of integrity. Our people, we need to do their own role, not to abuse, not to break the law. Integrity do a person, we live here, parents, teachers, society, are the stage and the mirror, constantly look at.
2016/12/13 09:11
We need integrity, the need to build their own integrity of the building of the cornerstone; need to build their own integrity of a solid tomorrow. Honest man, sincere people, sincere work
2016/12/11 20:39
In order to get the respect of others, first of all to respect others
15 332 Nicholas说:
2016/12/11 19:46
week 14     Respect other people, he can be respected by others. This is the interaction. You respect others, show that you are a thought, a person of accomplishment, get respect, reputation will be good, reputation will be ocean, can become a noble person.
2016/12/06 22:23
Sky and white clouds heart, hope pigeons flying free; teachers and parents, we hope that the healthy growth of society; and the motherland heart, hope of the motherland thriving and prosperous. The prosperity of our country by law to escort, abide by the law, the law is every citizen's responsibility and obligation. As students, we should from now on, do a good citizen knowing the law. As a good citizen, we must abide by our national laws. The teacher told us that the country is more and more perfect. We have a "minor protection law > >, < the compulsory education law and other laws. Teenagers and hope that the future of the motherland." junior strong Guoqiang "" young country progress is progress "! In early 1986, Grandpa Deng Xiaoping pointed out:" it is important to strengthen the rule of law education, the fundamental problem is education. Primary school, middle school should be carried out This education. "Yes," stained with gray is pale yellow, with yellow ". In our information era to influence children's children in violation of the uneven in quality, the rules of things have occurred, the juvenile crimes are not uncommon. In order to increase the ability of the students of the rule of law concept and distinguish right from wrong. We should start from a young age, the step of the rule of law
2016/12/06 22:14
Many adults are derived from the self does not do well, such as the need to learn, but always in the brush micro-blog, watching TV; should exercise it every day until 12 to sleep, the morning of the second day get out of bed; needs to write the work plan almost, but not time to do these things until the last minute to do it; the relationship between husband and wife is not good is not willing to spend the time to communicate and solve this problem, just imagine the ostrich burying its head in the sand for the problem to go away; these are all not well self-discipline problems caused by myself in the past few days to think about this question. Now in the business, the theory should be very exciting, but in fact it is not so, but I think because of the management of their own rights, relax to own request, to want to go to Taobao to see, buy East The west, did not seize the time to plan their work arrangements, just about customers casually see clients. No work system arrangement, in fact there is no plan, I don't know what you want to do tomorrow, and not all the energy in the work. Always hope to own by external force the target, but forget to achieve the goal of understanding of their own. With traditional tools and methods can also learn very cow, do very successful, is not a tool, but their own efforts.
2016/12/06 21:17
I always do not think who can do justice, people are not flowers and trees, there will always be a high level of love to our relatives, friends, classmates, colleagues. Similarly, in my parents' education and my brother's things, there is no absolute fairness, always with a little eccentric.      When I was young, my brother and I are very lively character, so the number of fights is very much (with my parents quarrel frequency almost), but they are the most tacit understanding is that I and my brother. My mother often said: "you are my sister, why can not take care of and love my brother, not a word to do it. "Dad will teach the younger brother:" how can the boys and girls. "When we are two people wrong will be fair, I think they are doing well, but sometimes they will be eccentric, such as some time mom will buy clothes for my brother, no, sometimes brother is delicious, but I still don't understand that time, why not buy two copy it, slowly grew up after the discovery, they pay more than just material, you can not see the time and energy. All in all, no one is perfect, mom and dad do good we can learn, and do not have so good we have learned tolerance.

2016/12/06 20:34
hello mama Linda    when I was a child .my parents taught me fairness in my daily life  , they told me it was fair to filght for them ,no one else gives,  do not complain ,to know contentment.
15-331 Grace5说:
2016/12/06 19:38
In October 1, 1949, People's Republic of China Central People's government set up the ceremony, the founding ceremony, the Tiananmen square in Beijing held a grand.[4] "first proposed" National Day ", when he was the chief representative of the CPPCC, Mr. Ma Xulun." in October 9, 1949, China first session of the CPPCC National Committee held the first meeting of members of the Xu Guangping speech: ". Ma Xulun members can not leave, he asked me, People's Republic of China was established, there should be national day, so I hope this will be decided in October 1st as the national day." Chairman Lin Boqu also spoke to second, requirements for discussion and decision. The day of the meeting by the Ming government in October 1st for "please People's Republic of China national day, October 10th to replace the old day. Please send the proposal, the Central People's Government of People's Republic of China National Day. Taking the implementation of the people's The Republic of National Day in December 2, 1949, the fourth meeting of the Central People's Government Committee Resolution pointed out: "the Central People's Government Committee declare: since 1950, in October 1st each year, People's Republic of China declared the establishment of the great days for the national day of People's Republic of China"
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