2017/03/20 15:21
The principle of self-restraint is to develop good, homemade habits. Because you only have the habit, you can actually produce the value principle that you truly live forever.
15332 Nicholas说:
2017/03/19 22:17
week4   Creating thinking      Creative thinking is used in our daily life when you are studying, working and living. When you are learning, think of a better way, improve efficiency, and have a better knowledge. At work, you need to think of a better plan, ahead of others. In life, you should have a better idea, different and interesting.
2017/03/19 21:06
Homework:2    accountable         In my spare time, I often play basketball with my friends. We play basketball at school. When we play basketball, we are happy. I think that basketball is a good sport. Many people like it. Basketball is can make me strong, healthy and high. Basketball is five personal movement, so we all united. But playing basketball very vulnerable. So we should be careful. But when I play basketball more and more. I understand basketball is really interesting and good. Basketball is my favorite sport. Basketball is my hobby. Basketball is my whole life.    Therefore, the responsibility is very important in life, involving all aspects of life, we have to be responsible
2017/03/13 14:26
Creative thinking is used in our daily life when it comes to design furniture
2017/03/13 10:36
Positive attitude towards life can adjust the direction of the life path. It can guarantee the subject will be a lofty ideal in a specific action, with open-minded attitude and pragmatic spirit, down-to-earth, one step a footprint to achieve goals in life.
15-631 Lina说:
2017/03/13 10:30
whatever we have undergone in our life we should not complain about it . we may get a lot or lose so much in our life journey but keeping a positive attiitude should always be together with us.Nothing can defeat us if we are confident and diligent.
2017/03/13 10:26
Positive people in every difficulty see an opportunity, while negative people at every opportunity to see some kind of trouble.
2017/03/13 09:57
because positive attitude ,optimistic about life on the ground,optimistic about the challenges,and cope with trouble,when he succeeded in half.

15332 Nicholas说:
2017/03/12 19:58
week3  POSITIVE ATTITUDE     Success is helped by having a "positive attitude"because this is the beginning of everything. With attitude, there will be action. Positive attitude, able to make their own way to think, in an effective way to achieve the goal, the choice of methods based on attitude. Successful people have a good attitude, to unremittingly, in order to change danger into safety.
15-331 cherry说:
2017/03/06 15:20
Positive people, when they see the problem will be calm look at the problem analysis, identify problems and solve problems, only calm attitude, in order to have a good attitude to create.
2017/03/06 14:11
success is helped by having a positive attitude because they have enough confidence to do what they want to accomplish, even if they fail, they will continue to do it again
2017/03/06 10:32
Hello,my name is Lily.I feel to have positive and optimistic attitude,do not haggle over every ounce.
2017/03/06 10:23
Hello,mama Linda,I think life should bear responsibility,to share responsibility.
15-631 Lina说:
2017/03/06 10:14
hello.my name is Lina.In the last semester internship,let me harvest a lot ,back to school, more love of school life.
2017/03/06 10:05
hello,my mane is yujing,my english mame is shily.

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