15-631 Daisy说:
2017/12/03 20:22
What I can't insist on is reading every day. I know it's very good for us to read more books, but I always don't stick to it. Because I lack patience, I am quiet and do one thing, more impetuous
15-631 Daisy说:
2017/12/03 20:22
As a Chinese citizen I will fulfill my responsibility, if I do something wrong, I will not escape to take the initiative. If I see a crime, I'll call the police immediately, use legal means
15-631 Daisy说:
2017/12/03 20:22
As a student, I should keep a positive attitude every day, take every lesson seriously, and repay myself, teachers and parents with excellent results. As a child of my parents, I should live up to their expectations of me, to help them do more housework at home, not to spend money. As a Chinese citizen, I should abide by the laws and regulations of the state and be an honest man.
2017/12/03 19:45
Details are things that seem ordinary, but very important. When a thing is going to fail or fail, something trivial will have a great impact on the final result. Details often determine success or failure. If you want to succeed, you must pay attention to details.
2017/12/03 17:31
It is polite to pay attention to the details, after all, the details decide success or failure, and in a lot of things you should pay attention to your behavior. This is the politeness detail.

2017/10/17 18:37
Giraffe English Halloween party is ready to book!This year, little giraffe has arranged an ultimate surprising party for parents and kids. So, let’s see what do we have for the party.Party Trailers:1.The riddles of pirates2.Magical potions of witches3.The cosmetologist of earls4.Spider hunter5.Don’t run! Pumpkins!6.Treasure of evil dragon7.Pumpkin research lab8.Horror movie show9.Farm treasure hunt10.Groot challengesChallenge these ten themes and win the treasure of pirates! More mystery gifts expected!Of course, more surprise is waiting to be found only if you attend the party!How to book◆Reservation line: 0519-85552666◆Time: Oct 28~29, 16:30~19:30◆Location: Giraffe English, second floor building B, Zhixin Business Plaza, North St., Zhonglou District.

2017/09/16 13:00
As a Chinese citizen, do what you should do in your life and do your duty. For example, to see the elderly in the car to take the initiative to give up their seats, and a series of things they can do. If I see theft in the car, I'll see what happened. If I had the ability, I would have chosen to say it. Life is full of responsibilities, and if everyone has a sense of responsibility, the world will be better
2017/09/12 21:51
I feel like we are part of the country, and everyone is responsible. From the small things in life, everything should be taken seriously. As long as everyone is done, the country will be stronger.
2017/09/10 21:46
Through thisplatform,I want improve my English level.

2017/09/10 21:21
Through study, I learned a lot of English knowledge, so that my English improved, I hope I can get good results
2017/09/10 21:08
正在使用发音Through this platform, I learned a lot of English knowledge, improve their interest in learning, English learning is also very helpful
2017/09/10 19:54
The personal obligation is to study hard, respect the old and love the young, unite the students.
2017/09/10 16:11
This semester has a foreign teacher, very strange and also attracted my interest in learning English. But with the foreign teachers, I will be nervous, English basic, English more and more important to the future of the study, I decided to study English well.
2017/09/10 13:24
Through this English platform,let me understand a lot of previously unknown knowledge,let my English have been improved.
2017/06/11 16:57
If someone is not sincere to me I will give him a chance to understand their own mistakes, but once again he deceives me the time I will not make friends with him, because the relationship between people is the most basic trust each other, if you always cheat me I wouldn't believe you, it will not continue to friends need
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