2017/09/10 19:54
The personal obligation is to study hard, respect the old and love the young, unite the students.
2017/09/10 16:11
This semester has a foreign teacher, very strange and also attracted my interest in learning English. But with the foreign teachers, I will be nervous, English basic, English more and more important to the future of the study, I decided to study English well.
2017/09/10 13:24
Through this English platform,let me understand a lot of previously unknown knowledge,let my English have been improved.
2017/06/11 16:57
If someone is not sincere to me I will give him a chance to understand their own mistakes, but once again he deceives me the time I will not make friends with him, because the relationship between people is the most basic trust each other, if you always cheat me I wouldn't believe you, it will not continue to friends need
2017/06/06 21:20
For people who are not sincere, I find it difficult to make friends with her. Because when you're so honest with her, you're not sure she's the same to you. Maybe she plays with you very well, but when you play with others, you always speak ill of her. It's very bad
2017/06/06 21:17
Because the optimist will bring warmth and smile, she will imagine the world is very good, in her heart, there is no she can not do. However, the pessimistic person brings the impression is negative, very few smiles, also cannot be happy together
2017/06/06 21:14
When a person is hurt a lot, but the person does not make any mistakes, it is all wrong of others, still attack her, then I will sympathize with her
2017/06/06 21:10
There is an old Chinese saying that detail decides success or failure. To give a very simple example, a leader allows two subordinates to conduct market research and give a similar deadline. The first man quickly reached the task, and the second men completed the task within the time limit, but his research also expanded beyond the requirements of the leadership. Pay attention to detail in the work, it can let you attract the attention of the leader more quickly, and get promoted more quickly
2017/06/05 10:24
Always keep an optimistic attitude. Not only can it infect your friends, but it will also help your health. If you are pessimistic, it may be difficult for you to make friends because everyone likes people who are happy to make friends
2017/06/05 08:29
Company is the most important commitment
15 331 Jenny说:
2017/05/22 18:36
The most important commitment now is to study hard, finish tasks on time, earn money, and reward your parents.

15 331 Jenny说:
2017/05/21 15:36
As a teacher, every day, I have to teach class and do my homework. It's very hard work. I need to have a good body. I'm going to keep running every morning, doing my classes at noon and playing basketball for my spare time.

2017/05/16 19:34
The meaning of life is to live healthy and happy so that you can live a wonderful life!
2017/05/16 19:33
Optimism can give people hope and motivation, while pessimists have too much negative feelings about their ability
2017/05/16 19:31
Self-motivation refers to the psychological characteristics of an individual who has no need for external rewards and punishments as an incentive to work hard for a set goal. Self-motivation is a person's engine of success.
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