2018/09/26 00:20
From my perspective, perseverance is that one thing you have to insist on from the beginning to the end regardless of any proplem, you will not give at any time. Even though perseverance doesn't mean success, but without perseverance, you will not secceed. Sometimes it is hard to keep on doing one thing for a very long time but if you are sure that it's true, then you should never give up and keeping on. It is called perseverance. There is a old Chinese story called"Drops of water outwear the stone". That's to say, if you have perseverance, you will achieve succuss one day.
2018/09/24 13:42
Perseverance means keep doing something with all your heart and never quit easily before reaching your destination.Without this personality, you will hardly get anything.
2018/09/21 18:01
When it comes to talking about the responsibility, the most important thing I thought is to be responsible  for ourselves. It means that you are beneficial to the society and take care of your family.
2018/09/19 17:08
I think responsibility can let a person go farther, we must know that we shall be responsible with our things and try our best to do everything better.
Zhang Shipeng说:
2018/09/19 11:31
While social without caring,the person would be very selfish and do anything only thought of oneself.When someone need help,no one can help him or her.
2018/09/17 09:54
Being responsible for yourself means being responsible for others. Responsibility is one of the most important foundations that people can get along with each other in this world.
2018/09/17 08:05
responsibility is  important  in  social  life. A person   who don't have this quality  would  not  be respected  by others.What's more.,if  you  have  responsibility  ,  you  may  be  a  leader  easily
2018/09/16 22:20
Still be a small infantile child who expects help from others(others will do his work for him, others will solve his probmlem)
2018/09/16 22:18
Responsibility is an important character of Mature personality. If responsibility is not formed,then even a person has grown up physically, he/she will
2018/09/16 11:31
I think responsibility is a necessity, an obligation to be responsible for one's actions, actions, and to be responsible for them.
Zhang Shipeng说:
2018/09/15 13:37
Responsibility has great influence in our life,we must feel a strong sense of   responsibiliyies.
17 331 Tiffany说:
2018/09/12 08:42
I think persistence is very important in my life.Because when u face difficulties,u must persevere.Otherwise u will face failure.Whenever I encouter setbacks,I will defeat it through perseverance.SO,I think persistence is very impotant in my life.
2018/02/26 18:29
Lovely to have a friend like your son
2017/12/18 09:00
Only a person has the determination and confidence of success, can overcome all kinds of difficulties, to win the victory, so that people can be admired. Therefore, the determined person, must be the final winner. Only with the determination, can we strengthen the confidence and give full play to the intellect, so as to achieve the ultimate success.
2017/12/18 08:58
Efficient communication can effectively solve the conflict. First, you have to have curiosity. Second, stop the loss in time before the emotions get worse. Thirdly, the first problem after the emergence of the conflict is how to solve the problem, and the second is the responsibility sharing. Use me at the beginning of communication, and start with you
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