2018/11/10 10:17
Integrity is a quality of having strong moral principles, and it is also a personal choice. However, without this personality, people can't trust each other and the world will in a mess.
2018/10/27 15:02
People can't live without fairness in this society. Because we need it to keep the stability and security of the nation so that people can live with each other. And fairness is also along with justice, so we must have it in mind with all the time.
2018/10/20 12:01
Courage can help you make a clear plan about what you should do, and motivate us to move forward straightly. We should dare to face the problems in our lives and get up the courage to solve them.
2018/10/13 11:46
Honesty means you need to follow the kindness in your heart and do as you want. Once you tell a lie, you may need to use a thousand of more lies to "perfect" it, and that will never end. It may be a little bit difficult to tell the truth, but being honest can also help you recognize what you are and how you can be.
2018/10/09 22:05
Citizen means the state of being a citizen and accepting the responsibilities of it. We are born to be Chinese citizens. That means we should obey Chinese rules so that we can enjoy the benifits from our country. Citizenship doesn't  guarantee your whole life. You should obey the laws. You can have the freedom but you can not do something against the law. What's more, cizitizenship means you have more benefits in your mother country. When you are in China, you should be proud to be a Chinese citizen.
2018/10/09 21:57
In terms of self- discipline, everyone should have it. Without it, students would not study hard by themselves; No one would not be willing to be soldiers to guard the country. Self-discipline urges our students to study without others' supervison. Self-discipline makes us efficiently manange our time. Self-discipline helps us control ourselves to resist all kinds of tempts. Self-discipline is a perfect constrant to us. If  we all have it, we will be greatly benefited from it. It can help us make ourselves better and better.
2018/10/09 21:51
Be caring is an essencial morality in our life. Parents show their care to their children: Teachers show care to their students: Kind people show their care to everyone around them...These are all called care. We should be caring, we should care for everyone in the world because everyone is equal in the world.  Nowadays, more and more people become indifferent. They care only about themselves. This is a bad phenomenon, we shouldn't be afraid of taking responsibilities. We should care for others bravely. If more people  care about others, the world will be better and better.
2018/10/07 17:17
Self-discipline will help you control yourself and have a better understanding of your life. Everyone should have this personality so that our society can move further and people live in peace.
2018/10/05 15:17
If  a society is exist without  caring,it would  be cool.People  will  hurt each  other and even start wars  without ending.Everyone would be selfish,and  the society will destory itself in the end
2018/10/04 18:29
If will not be caring in the society , the society would be like a chaos, where people will think only of themselves,  betray friends, forget about relatives and life will turn into a gloomy existence without happiness and joy.
2018/10/01 16:37
As far as I am concerned, our society needs us to be more caring in order to make our world better. It is obviously not easy to make it, but without being caring, people will gradually lose the ability to love and help each other, which is very horrible.
2018/09/26 00:20
From my perspective, perseverance is that one thing you have to insist on from the beginning to the end regardless of any proplem, you will not give at any time. Even though perseverance doesn't mean success, but without perseverance, you will not secceed. Sometimes it is hard to keep on doing one thing for a very long time but if you are sure that it's true, then you should never give up and keeping on. It is called perseverance. There is a old Chinese story called"Drops of water outwear the stone". That's to say, if you have perseverance, you will achieve succuss one day.
2018/09/24 13:42
Perseverance means keep doing something with all your heart and never quit easily before reaching your destination.Without this personality, you will hardly get anything.
2018/09/21 18:01
When it comes to talking about the responsibility, the most important thing I thought is to be responsible  for ourselves. It means that you are beneficial to the society and take care of your family.
2018/09/19 17:08
I think responsibility can let a person go farther, we must know that we shall be responsible with our things and try our best to do everything better.
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