2016/12/05 21:10
In October 1, 1949, People's Republic of China Central People's government set up the ceremony, the founding ceremony, the Tiananmen square in Beijing held a grand.[4] "first proposed" National Day ", when he was the chief representative of the CPPCC, Mr. Ma Xulun." in October 9, 1949, China first session of the CPPCC National Committee held the first meeting of members of the Xu Guangping speech: ". Ma Xulun members can not leave, he asked me, People's Republic of China was established, there should be national day, so I hope this will be decided in October 1st as the national day." Chairman Lin Boqu also spoke to second, requirements for discussion and decision. The day of the meeting by the Ming government in October 1st for "please People's Republic of China national day, October 10th to replace the old day. Please send the proposal, the Central People's Government of People's Republic of China National Day. Taking the implementation of the people's The Republic of National Day in December 2, 1949, the fourth meeting of the Central People's Government Committee Resolution pointed out: "the Central People's Government Committee declare: since 1950, in October 1st each year, People's Republic of China declared the establishment of the great days for the national day of People's Republic of China"

2016/12/05 17:44
Equity theory called the theory of social comparison, by American psychologist John Stacey Adams (John Stacey Adams) proposed in 1965. The theory is a theoretical study of the incentive motivation and perception of the relationship between employee motivation theory, degree to their reference and object returns and the investment proportion of the subjective feeling. Some people compare that there is no absolute justice in life, but we must have a good attitude. From the whole life is fair, do you think now some people born with a gold key, you may not have to struggle born them at birth, but his grandparents also had to pay hard to let them have a happy life today, is the predecessors trees, descendants cool. Now the society itself is like this, to equality, justice to their own efforts. As a student I have The right to receive compulsory education, 18 years of age, we have the right to vote and to be elected, living in this society, countries give our rights are the same, this is our fair to the state. As a member of the family, parents are not only my one child, but they as far as possible to our fair, won't let us feel unfair. At school than at home, there are many students around the teacher, absolutely fair or not, the teacher will try to take care of each student. Sometimes we also need to know, if God is fair to everyone that we the society will not progress, people will stop, so to get the results that we only choose to.

2016/12/05 17:03
in my family,my father is responsible for making money,my mother is in charge of the family.sometimes dad  was nice to us,but sometime he was bad-tempered,mother"scharacter is very gentle,in normal life,my father likes to make fun  of us happy,so my character is very lively,whenitwas youny,my father would quarrelwith my mother,and then i would be afraid of crying so parents not only to do something,for example,should not be a child to quarrl.   the character of a child is usually determined by the family,some are lively,some are cold, others are worm and so on,at this time,parents need to set an example,whenthe child to give love,when Igrowing up to help,teach them to be a man of truth.the responsibility of parents is tosow love,to feel it,to carry it forward.beside they need to support the elderly to assumesin my family . my father is responsible for makin obey my My mother is in chu e et the dom ly sme tines dad was nite tu as , but some time he was bad temp pre he her's character is very gentle , in normal lde . my father likes to mole fan of us happy Su my char alter is very lively when 2 was young My father would quarrel with my mother and then 2 would be arai So prents nut to only teach us how to also to teach us not to do something for example , should not . be a child to quarrel The character of a child is usual deber mined bu the family . sume are lively , some are old , others are warm and so . on it this time parts need a set an example when the child to give love , when grue up to he / . teach them to be a man of truth . the response btu of parents is to sow lwe . afte love and Spied love our duty is to find love . to feel it to dderly t . assume social resfonshli el curry it for ward . Beside . the alu to support the social responsibility.

2016/12/05 16:38
The road of life is not. Everything is going smoothly. people will inevitably touch the nail, nail touch, it will produce nervous irritability, negative, sad, angry and other psychological reactions. In fact, frustration is a part of our life, we have many setbacks, such as the relationship between students do not melt exactly, the attitude of the parents is simple and rough, there is gap and between the parents, may adversely affect our growth, but the most important thing is that we need to have the courage to face setbacks, the setbacks to hone our valuable experience and wealth of life. Zhang Yining's new female leader Chinese table tennis championship Lu, from 1999 to 2003. Everything is going smoothly. is not in her several major events, lost again and again, these setbacks had led her to give up the idea of playing, but these are also the setbacks that she is increasingly clear that: "when the water reaches a certain After the game is not high, technology is more psychological than in! "Zhang Yining is by virtue of courage the courage to face setbacks, only today's achievements in Wenchuan. After the earthquake, some students are not just escape catastrophe was experienced just intimidated, but quickly added to help carry their ranks. Relief supplies, carrying wounded, injured workers to feed water, feed. The Sichuan National Middle School Li Jianbo, help students fled the collapse of the classroom, regardless of the danger of aftershocks, and teachers together to set up the tent. In order to make more than 700 students drink porridge, he went in the rain to two miles away to the water," warm well son "collecting firewood in the mountains. In the earthquake, it is these numerous strong will of the people, with their courage and love rescue numerous be strangers to each other, write one after another beautiful music. In life, frustration is also each of us a The common experience of students. Take the examination, results came out, I hope all the all dare not to want to vanish like soap bubbles, my mother encouraged commitment, but did not dare to face the day as I prepared to pay hard parents' eyes full of expectations and disappointed with the eyes, but I encourage myself since it has failed. Have the courage to face, only to find out the reasons and improvement methods, there is hope "failure is the mother of success!"

2016/12/05 16:34
hallo,everyone,my name is liyan,my english name is called leah,and i am 21 year old,i"ve just brother,he is very naughty,obsessed with playing computer games,my father is a .worker,he is very humorous,so we liked him,my mother is a housewife,we love each other.i was born in peixian,xuzhou province,the people in my hometown are very enthusiastic,there are many special products.there is a saying ,life lies in the movement,so i uaually have time to .like sports,such as jogging,yoga and so on to play,in my view,sport can not only keep healthy,but  also bring me happiness,while eating and exercise,i think this is probably  the most fun thing to do.sometime i prefer to stay alone,i have listing to music,watching movies,but i am not only,because i love to travelwith my friends,the world is so big i want to see,travel can make me learn more things to get more happiness.

2016/12/05 16:15
In life we have to get along with people, and in the process of getting along some friends treat us really, some friends is fake. But we have the white lie, we can forgive each other! But if it is a lie, and we are good friends, I will be very angry, then very disappointed, very sad, but afterwards I think I could forgive him, after all, are friends, way more than friends, but I think it will have a shadow in my heart, maybe I will have more or less wary of him, and he in the exchanges, will be more careful than before however, with the loss of time, the gap between us will slowly disappear, but it takes time. So we must be careful when making friends!

2016/12/05 16:04
Some could have normal work, can do housework, do not go to work, even housework nothing. This is very harmful. More so the more feel useless. In fact, patients have the ability to complete the task, have the ability to do housework. As long as the dry stick, his emotion is not growing before going to bed every night, considering what to do tomorrow. The plan can not be set too high, not too low, the full leeway. Every day you can finish the plan smoothly. This is commonly referred to as the "jump to pick the fruit." every night before sleep, to affirm your this the last day of the achievements and progress, do not speak the negative things. The best can write diary, good experience, progress, achievements recorded by diary every day. This diary, that life will be more interesting. This is not sympathy with, The main thing is that the relatives and friends listen to the negative things, will strengthen their good talk about negative things.

2016/12/05 15:55
In the face of the two aspects of learning and working pressure, first of all to maintain a good attitude, and actively face the problem, if the pressure is too big, can learn to self regulate, strengthen their self-cultivation, in a proper way to vent their inner unhappiness and depression, to relieve mental depression and mental stress. Correct understanding of their own: the physical quality. Knowledge ability, social adaptability should have self-knowledge, try to avoid doing some things or avoid beyond strength and power, do not engage in their own physical and mental activities, ambitious, self regulation, more or less. The concrete can do interesting things, such as tourism, chatting, listening to music, to release the pressure. Or did not find the local people shouted loudly.

2016/12/04 22:29
Week13:    Fair to me, means that the opportunity is equal, have the opportunity to develop, means that they need to work harder, need more pay, to be successful.A pay, a harvest. To pay the labor, will be harvested. Treat others generous, will be tolerant of people.Fair means balanceTheir efforts and gains are proportional, so for me is fair, the world is not absolutely fair, attitude is everything. The world's most fair is that a person only 24 hours a day.Justice is to get the benefit of their own, that is, to participate in social cooperation of each person. To bear their own responsibility should be shared, in general, does not favor a person, means to deal with things to be reasonable.
2016/12/04 20:07
In our country citizens regardless of nationality, race, sex, occupation, family background, religious customs, education, property status and length of residence, all enjoy equal rights under the Constitution and the law, equally fulfill the constitutional and legal obligations.Any person's legitimate rights and interests are equally protected, for violations shall be investigated according to law. Before the law does not allow any citizens outside the law of privilege, no person shall compel citizens to assume obligations outside of the law, and shall not make citizens by law other than punishment. Citizens are equal before the law includes all citizens are equal before law, and law-abiding equality. Not including legislation on equality in legislation, the ruling class and the ruled class cannot be equal. In addition, equality before the law is the law within the scope of equality, rather than equality in fact.

2016/12/04 18:57
Essentially, self-discipline is forced to take action before you, have the courage to do what you have to do. And you do not want the self-discipline often or too lazy to do but have to do things together. "The law" is the norm, of course because of behavior beyond the specification. For example, grooming is we must do things every day, but one day you come home exhausted, if you fall asleep, being self indulgent behavior; if you overcome physical exhaustion, adhere to wash, this is your self-expression. People often encounter something I hate or action blocked things. In this case, you should overcome the emotions tested. Self discipline is formed in the action, only reflected in action, in addition, there is no other way. Dream yourself into a disciplined person will become a A disciplined person? By reading several books on the book will become a self disciplined person? The answer is negative. Self cultivation is a long process, not a short duration of time things, so we must first face the self-discipline from all aspects of a self challenge. Don't indulge yourself easily, even if it is just a not worth mentioning things. At the same time also need self-discipline, initiative, it is not forced by others or the environment and action taken, but was forced to take action before. The precondition is willing to do. In daily life, always remind myself to self-discipline, at the same time you can also consciously cultivate the spirit of self-discipline. For example, according to your own character on a disadvantage or bad habits, set a deadline, corrected, the effect is good. Don't indulge yourself, give yourself excuses for self. It has been a bit of a long time, self-discipline has become a habit, a way of life, your personality and intelligence also deserve more perfect.

15 332 Nicholas说:
2016/12/04 18:46
WEEK 13  Fairness,to me ,is a kind of attitude.Only with such a thought , to be able to lie in the competition of others is not weaker than the opponent.Everyone is the same, even glamorous position, also has their own efforts.So ,God is the same for everyone,that's fairness.
2016/12/04 18:30
We should be less on family and friends angry, consider their feelings. Especially their families, even in pettishly nor his parents rushed out, because there is no parents without us, even if it's not our fault should speak the truth, do not mean parents! Even if the parents wronged you scold us also, we don't mind too much, because in addition to parents can call themselves, others have no right to criticize us. When we stand, can find a reason out of the house, and then find their friends complain that the heart grievances say it will feel better. Remember to be considerate of parents. When in contact with friends!, we need to look at this is how to treat our friends, for our good friends we have to double the good to others. For we are not good do not too much to ignore it! .

2016/12/04 18:24
Fair for reality may never be realized, everyone is ambitious, when you have to make a look at what time, you will forget that all men are created equal .All men are created equal that people dream, only let us every day fantasy
2016/12/04 18:16
Learning is a long-term task, only persevere adhere to low, in order to continue to rise from one level to another level, a short duration of time of passion, a three minute impulse who can do. Many people understand the importance of learning, have lofty ideals and aspirations, or have made efforts and the struggle, but with the passage of time, enthusiasm, muddle along, begin to deal with, either. Mathematics is the gymnastics of thinking, learning mathematics is a hard mental work, compared with other disciplines, mathematics needs perseverance lasting, strong willed. A clear, hard prepared perseverance is a kind of psychological phenomenon, is through the words behavior of genre shows. A significant feature of it and constantly, tenacious to overcome difficulties and accompanied, it is the relentless struggle in the same internal and external difficulties, reflected the will of the quality. Is a process of continuous construction of knowledge, is a hard mental work, as learners, must be fully prepared for the future learning. Only have a full understanding of the difficulties, and have enough mental preparation, to the victims do not panic, in case of trouble does not retreat. So be clear from the psychological point of mathematics learning hard, not only difficult to survive, but also difficult to see despite difficulties, and the spirit to overcome difficulties. As fun, find the joy of success in overcoming difficulties, to overcome the difficulties as the ladder of progress, like learning, learning more interesting, will enhance the confidence, and perseverance will be greater. Perseverance, can engrave stone. Only a strong willpower, can stick to it, only stick to it, to take effect, to experience the joy of success and growth. "It takes a hundred years." means that the long-term growth of talent, not Good will and quality is difficult to achieve success in learning. Two, start slow gradually accelerate the cultivation of students' perseverance. The formation of a strong will, like a can not act with undue haste. The rest of the car, the first is the ignition, and then slowly start, so that it meets the movement rules, in line with the vehicle use requirements. In accordance with the laws of human psychological development. It seems slow, but is still moving up, but with the enthusiasm of moving up, than the original kind of stop and go, and sometimes do not lie down prompted by a sudden impulse, much better. Just three students, are full of confidence to face the entrance, some students study hard type violent storms. Buy lots of reference everywhere start to burn the midnight oil, due to start too fast, difficult Mian with quick thought, in the short term may not be able to see much effect, emotional love setback, but stalled, and counterproductive. Some students, later ignited a passion with the previous learning methods, smooth docking, hundred-percent completes the task of learning that should ease, ability and gradually adapt to the three learning, and experience the progress from the fun, but can persist. After habits and methods of training for two or three months, basically meet the three of the learning method, but also should consider how to speed up the problem, in order to achieve superhuman achievements, there must be more than conventional energy requirements, as the saying goes "no windfall is not rich, horse night grass fertilizer" for the same reason, and to take the drive to continue.

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