27 Oct 2020


In this new episode of Discovering Anhui, we invited an Uzbek teacher based in E China's Hefei to the Dabie Mountains to experience and find out how households mired in poverty managed to change their life. Take a look!

27 Oct 2020

Dear Son,


Eighteen years ago today –the world was made better because you were born. A new life full of potential, including all the happiness it brings a father to have a son. I have so much to say because my heart is so filled with the awesome feeling that you bring me – just for being YOU, just the way you are.


As I dream about your early years, I see one of the sweetest souls who was consistently obedient, cute and caring towards his parents. There was no difficulty you feared in terms of life and study. You took such joy in the moments we had together like when I fixed your favorite breakfast.


8 May 2020

My gifted Mom is using her time to create beautiful hand-made decorations for your home or your cars. Bringing back these traditional crafts might be something I add to my basket of service and offerings to others. I would be proud to stimulate interest in this ancient skill.

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